Salesforce ExactTarget Academy

Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud provides both free and paid expert training, to help you get the most out of our social marketing suite. We want your business to reach its social listening, publishing and advertising goals, and we’re here to ensure you achieve success.

The ExactTarget Academy is a comprehensive training program that offers a variety of courses designed exclusively for clients and partners at no cost. Our goal is to make our clients look like heroes and excel in every digital marketing endeavor.

Academy training provides you with:

  • Current best practices and industry knowledge
  • Interactive and collaborative classes
  • Extensive resources to sharpen your digital marketing capabilities

Instructor-led Training

Enjoy learning in a classroom setting? ExactTarget Academy’s instructor-led courses provide a perfect opportunity for in-depth, hands-on experience with your Marketing Cloud applications. By combining best practices with practical information, instructor-led training helps you make the most of the applications as you connect with product experts and peers. Classes are held in various locations and are open to all clients and partners.

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On-DeMAND Training

Not able to attend a live class? No worries, we have a library of free, recorded webinars available. View webinars.

To access additional documents, articles that answer individual questions, and brief tutorial videos, visit our Help and Training Portal.

Personalized Training

Interested in attending a class tailored specifically to your business? Check out our private virtual training – online classes available to only you and your staff. If you’d like to have us visit you, we also offer on-site training. For more on personalized training rates and requirements, please contact our team via email ( or Twitter (@mcloudtraining), or get in touch with your Account Executive.

Let’s Stay In Touch

Have a question while you’re using the Marketing Cloud? Not sure how to apply training scenarios to your situation? Get in touch with us – we’re always here to help.

Training Class Paths

You’ve got the right tools for the job, now it’s time to work on the skills. Everyone’s marketing goals are different – that’s why we’ve outlined a series of training paths to help you get the most out of our suite. Read on to discover the path that’s best for you.

Social Publishing And Engagement

Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio is a one stop solution allowing companies to manage, schedule, create and monitor posts organized by brand, region or multiple teams and individuals in a unified interface.

Social Studio offers the most powerful real-time publishing and engagement platform for content marketers. A single interface offers a fully customizable team-based collaboration platform that analyzes channel and content performance. New content ideas can be recommended based on what’s currently trending.


Social Listening

Listening on the web is a crucial element in social media to ensure you are not missing any important conversations. This path will help you discover how to use the data you uncover to examine brand perception, identify fans and advocates, discover service issues or monitor campaigns and competitors. You’ll be able to use your new knowledge to build a community, obtain sales leads, plan marketing campaigns and build successful brand strategies.


Social Content

You’ve got a great story to share – now it’s time to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Add sharing functionality to all of your content and prompt consumers to share activity on social sites with friends – get your messaging in front of diverse audiences, growing your pool of prospects.

During this session we’ll demonstrate how to update existing content on your custom Facebook Tab or ReachBuddy canvas, as well as hiding and showing specific content and adding brand new sapplet content. We’ll wrap things up with a detailed look at how to update and work with your shared Asset Library.



In the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can engage through both the Radian6 and Buddy Media platforms. Listening and engaging online is a great way to better understand the needs and wants of your customers.

Watch these sessions if you will be using Radian6 to engage with fans or influencers, escalate and solve issues, respond to complaints and comment on reviews. You’ll learn how a Topic Profile brings in social media posts, and how you can interact with specific posts in the Radian6 Engagement Console.


Watch the Buddy Media ConversationBuddy session if you will be using Buddy Media to streamline conversations by bringing all of your social networks into one easy-to-manage dashboard, helping you engage with audiences across numerous channels at the same time. You’ll learn how to customize your ConversationBuddy home view, manage workflow with an approval queue and schedule and seed posts to multiple profiles.


Workflow and Automation

With so many posts coming in, use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to quickly find, manage and collaborate internally to tackle conversations that need the most attention. Digest and organize these social posts inside the enterprise-level CRM platform, automatically. Watch these sessions to learn how to apply workflow and automation to your posts.



In order to relay the value of all your hard work, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to digest all of your efforts and metrics in a simple and seamless manner. Watch these training sessions for an in depth look at connecting our reporting and measurement options to fit your required needs.