Radian6 Training prepares our users to get the most out of the Radian6 platform, helping them achieve their business goals and meet their campaign objectives.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive and customized training opportunities that cater to both individual and organizational needs. Radian6 structures our training to ensure that each client gets the most out of the experience and that the training focuses on their individual needs. This begins with

  • Communicating with clients
  • Providing learning opportunities
  • Providing resources and ongoing training support


Radian6 training courses are offered via webinar, or can be delivered on-site by one of our Training Specialists.  We cover every aspect of using the platform; with an aim of enhancing your Radian6 know-how.  Some of the topics covered in these training sessions include:

  • Product Overview Training — A high-level overview of Radian6 Topic Profile Configuration and Dashboard functionality
  • Topic Profiles and Keywords — Hands-on, detailed review of the Topic Profile Manager
  • Dashboard Widgets (Two Levels)
  • Workflow and engagement
  • Reporting and alerts
  • Radian6 training open forum (webinar format)
  • Radian6 focused open forum (webinar format)
  • Best practices training
  • Engagement Console introduction
  • Engagement Console – Social media for teams

For more information regarding On-site Training, contact us on Twitter @radian6training, via email at training@radian6.com or your Account Manager.

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