The real-time nature of social media has changed consumer expectations. You need a tool that helps you engage with customers faster, and quickly route feedback internally.

The Salesforce Social Hub™ is the first process automation engine for your socially connected organization. Quickly and efficiently track and react to comments, questions, and complaints as they happen on the social web. Automate the routing of customer service issues into the Salesforce Service Cloud, ensuring that someone is always ready to follow-up. Transform and empower your business by scaling social media across every department within your organization.

Customer Service

Increase Productivity

Social Hub automates Case and Content creation so that interactions are instantly tracked and associated with customer records.

Scale Social Customer Interaction

Instantly categorize and route posts to the appropriate team members for a faster resolution.

Data Analysis

Streamline Reporting

Auto-update any new and important social data to existing reports so you can focus your efforts on day-to-day operations.

Historical Data

Use Social Hub to compare up to two years of social data and identify changes in sentimental trends over time.

Data Cleansing

Auto-correct any mislabelled manual tagging efforts from the past.

Marketing and Product Development

Know your customers

Listen for real-time customer feedback to gain valuable insights. Then automatically share this information with the appropriate people in your company to help produce better products and offer superior services.

Become a socially connected organization

Use Social Hub to help automate, scale, integrate and transform your organization so that you’re as social as your customers.

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