The New Monopoly Cat Token (Image via Monopoly on Facebook)

In January, Hasbro took to social media for an initiative intended to ensure that one of their flagship games, Monopoly, stays relevant and engaging to the next generation of board gamers. Promoting the “Save Your Token” campaign via their social media channels, Hasbro asked fans to vote on which classic token would be sent to Jail forever, and which new piece would pass Go and collect its $200 dollars.

And, as you can imagine with any campaign where online users have a say; the Cat won. Indeed, the unofficial mascot of the online world, the Feline, emerged victorious over the diamond ring, the helicopter, the guitar, and even the robot.

Here’s three takeaways for marketers coming out of the Monopoly token campaign.

Let Your Fans Drive the Buzz

Inviting fan input for a new product update is nothing new.  Hasbro’s use of Facebook led voting and the #tokenVote hashtag, however, serves a dual purpose.  It lets fans weigh-in on the new product while promoting the Monopoly brand in a more public way than simply having fans cast their vote via a website form, or by sending an email.


Join Forces with Other Brands

The Monopoly campaign offered savvy brand marketers an opportunity to display their wit and jump in on the fun.  Zappos caught wind of the Monopoly initiative and produced their own branded response to the campaign.  Monopoly’s Facebook team even shared the Zappos post with their own followers.

Much like the goodwill being thrown at brands like Oreo and Tide this week with their responses to the Super Bowl outage, Zappos earned themselves their own kudos with the Monopoly response. It’s a great way to show off your brand’s playful side.


Monitor Before, During, and After a Campaign

Monitoring social media is never more important than after a campaign has finished.  With the Monopoly piece now announced, social media users are reacting to the news.  Track the conversation beyond simply your brand name.  For instance, you may spot hashtags that crop up after the campaign.  The Iron, which will be leaving the game, is getting its final farewell on Twitter today, for example, with the #RIPIron hashtag.

Monitor social media for sentiment around your brand, comparing levels before, during and after the campaign. Is your brand’s stock beginning to rise? If not, why not?


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