The Corvette Stingray (image:

Car makers had a strong presence at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas. This week, however, they took center stage at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. And with a large industry event like the NAIAS taking place, social media is buzzing with automotive-themed chatter.

With the auto world’s biggest names under one roof, car enthusiasts are Tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging up a storm about the many gorgeous new models and concepts on display.  Let’s take a look at the social media chatter surrounding the show.

Chatter Hits Full Throttle on Day One

Since Sunday, January 13, mentions of the 2013 NAIAS across social media have eclipsed 106,000 total mentions, Monday (the opening day) generated the most conversation with 44,000 posts.  Twitter accounts for 69.8% of total conversation, Facebook lands second with 9.2% followed by Mainstream sites (5.7%) and Blogs (5.3%).

The Stingray Shifts Coversation into High Gear

Looking at some of the most popular vehicles on display in Detroit, let’s see how the big names stack up in terms of social media mentions.

As Michigan Live noted, #Stingray was at one point the top trend on Twitter on Monday.  Looking at the most mentioned vehicles for the entire week thus far, the Corvette Stingray indeed lands as the overall buzz leader. Other buzz leaders include Cadillacs’ ELR and ATS models, Acura’s NSX, the Toyota Furia concept, and Ford’s Atlas.

Hashtags of Note

The Corvette Stingray reigns over the hashtag list as well.  Not only is #corvette at number one, but #stingray and #c7 are among the top five most frequently mentioned tags of the show as well.

Ford, Acura, and Audi all factor heavily as well, landing two hashtags each in the top 10.

NAIAS 2013 – The Most Mentioned Brands by Username

Using Marketing Cloud Insights to look at the most mentioned automobile brand usernames amongst NAIAS conversation, we see Chevrolet is tops, once again feeding off the popularity of the Stingray.  Ford, however, is hot on its heels with a very close second-place finish.

Detroit Auto Show – The Demographics

To nobody’s surprise, men dominate the NAIAS 2013 social conversation.  The guys account for 66% of conversation vs. the ladies’ 34%.  Auto show fans skew older, as you may expect.  Not exactly flush with cash, 18-24 year-olds aren’t factoring heavily into the social buzz.  The leaders: 35-44 year-olds, with 35.5% of conversation share.

Industry Events – Great Opportunities for Competitor and Industry Monitoring

With a huge event like the NAIAS, brands have a great opportunity to see what the world thinks about not only their own latest products, but perhaps more importantly, the competition’s products.  Are your top rivals getting more buzz at the conference? Why? What’s got everyone so hot and bothered about them?  Find out more about competitive social media monitoring here.

With all the biggest names of your industry under one roof, events like Detroit’s Auto Show offer an opportunity to listen for emerging trends or issues you’ll need to look out for, and what the social media community thinks about them.  It’s a great opportunity to find and join conversations that aren’t about your brand, but about your industry as a whole.  It’s also a chance to meet new people, find new brand advocates, and show your industry you’re thought leaders in your field.  Find out more about industry monitoring in Chapter 7 of our Guide to Social Media Monitoring ebook.


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