Social media data analysis helps inform content for journalists like never before. Today, journalists get feedback in real time and can monitor their content results instantly. Social media monitoring tools enable the collection of content insights, feedback and organization. More and more, brands are playing the role of journalist so as a journalist myself, here are my tips for journalism success using social media monitoring.

How Can a Journalist Best Utilize Social Media?

  • Develop a strategy for your social media monitoring approach. The planning can be done at a meeting of representatives of all the editors at the newspaper. This will facilitate a maximum amount of ideas.
  • Apply critical thinking. Seemingly harmless social media conversations can be the early signs of a crisis. Understand the weight of those messages and the relevance of the various people who shared them.
  • Establish a clear definition of workflow. For instance, define what is a positive mention and what is negative. This way, when monitoring and tagging conversations in your social media tool, there’s a shared vision regarding how to categorize conversations for content discovery, reporting, and engagement.
  • Merge online and offline conversations. Know what is being said about the story or topic on the social web but still attend the town halls, press meetings, etc. to get a thorough analysis of the story.

What Do You Look for in Social Conversations?

The goal of any journalist is to disseminate important information to citizens. Monitoring their social media conversations will uncover what people really want. Here are some suggestions for managing and organizing social media conversations for content production and revealing citizens’ insights:

  • Create tags for the people involved in your story: readers, competitors, government (e.g. governors and mayors), justice, legislative (e.g. senators)
  • Include the list of competitors related to your story
  • Create special filters for your topic, such as relevant hashtags. (e.g. #Event2012)

Data analysis will show the volume of content shared on the web, the impact it had and who’s sharing it.

Consider how you can incorporate journalism into your brand’s content plan.


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