Tying social media to your PR and communications plan enables an always-on personal reach that your brand may have never experienced before. So how do you handle this new and exciting shift? Here are four solid but flexible strategies to make it work successfully.

Content Development

The social web is a place for sharing, commenting, and engaging. By creating content with those qualities, you’ll have more success spreading your message. Create sharable content by:

  • Using visual, audio, and written content
  • Telling a great story about your customers or brand
  • Listening and engaging with your community

Push to Pull Messaging

PR communications has traditionally been push, push, push – broadcasting messages out to your audience. In a social media world, your content and engagement should be pull PR – drawing people in. Here’s how:

  • Search engine optimize (SEO) your content to utilize terms your audiences uses/searches
  • Engage with your audience to create a deeper relationship and loyalty
  • Create interesting content that pulls people in to your message

Crisis Management

Social media monitoring can uncover a crisis as it’s happening. You can listen to conversations in real-time to spot trends, resolve issues before they escalate and make smarter decisions. Engage back to rapidly share information and match up people to resources. To begin, have:

  • A social media strategy that ties into your broader business goals
  • An established listening model
  • An approved and well-understood social media policy
  • A social media playbook
  • A social media crisis plan
  • A well-trained social media team
  • Potential help from advocates and influencers

Marry Online and Offline Campaigns

With a strong campaign, social media can help promote your offline activities. Drive offline actions (such as store visits) with these online approaches:

  • Online contesting
  • Coupons offered on social channels only
  • Blogger outreach
  • Social media ads
  • Encouraging social sharing of content
  • Gamification
  • Create a hashtag

With these plans in place, measurement of success is the next step. Good news. Generating public relations campaign results has never been easier or more able to be tied to real ROI. Here’s how:

  • Plan ahead for tracking SEO keywords, influences, key drivers, social shares, hashtags, and landing pages and conversions
  • Make sure everyone is using the correct campaign tracking tools so you don’t miss any data
  • Create and share weekly reports during the campaign
  • Based on metrics and results, adjust the campaign as needed while it’s still running

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