Ekaterina Walter, Social Media Innovator at Intel, shared the brand’s tips and tricks to a successful Facebook presence in the webinar, How to Effectively Engage Customers on Facebook. Here’s a look at the highlights of the session. You can also watch the full webinar and see her presentation slides in this post.

Why Facebook?

We’ve all heard that Facebook has reached over one billion users. But more importantly, Ekaterina focuses on the active users.

  • 584 million daily active users on average
  • 81% of active users are outside US and Canada
  • There’s almost a billion pieces of content shared on Facebook daily

This Facebook activity is affecting web traffic. 40% of Fortune 100 companies show their website traffic decreasing. These reasons and more cause Intel, among other big brands, to include Facebook in their customer communications.

1. Showcase Your Die Hard Fans

Facebook is a great place to find and showcase your brand advocates. These advocates might be creating content about your brand, whether it’s videos, photos, artwork or even permanent body scarring. Reach out to these fans and ask them if you can share their work. It’s a great way to generate new content, demonstrate positive feedback and create engagement.

Die Hard Intel Fan, Damien Bayless


Get Helpful Feedback

Ask your customers for their opinions. If you show your customers that their opinion matters, your can deepen relationships and create more sharable content. Just make sure to act on the results of your Facebook questions, polls and surveys.


Show Some Personality

Facebook is a great platform for humanizing your brand. Have fun, be spontaneous and even silly with some of your Facebook posts. If you communicate in a tone that resonates with your community, they’ll be more likely to engage. Just make sure to stay in line with your brand’s overall tone and personality. It would be a confusing disconnect if you acted one way on Facebook and completely different everywhere else.

Asking questions and offering challenges to your customers is another way to show your personality while increasing engagement.

Celebrate Your Community

Not only can you share your company’s milestones (Timeline makes this easy) but your community’s accomplishments as well. Did you get a record-breaking number of fans, likes or comments? Share the news so everyone can celebrate and feel part of the success.


Make Your Community Feel Special with Exclusive Content

Give your Facebook community exclusive content that they want but can’t get anywhere else. For instance, Intel uses behind-the-scenes photos of their factory. In fact, for Intel, photos provide two times the amount of engagement over text-based posts.

This is only a sample of great tips and insights from Ekaterina. Watch the full webinar here:

See Ekaterina’s slides here:

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