A new year is upon us and another terrific showcase of amazing products has just wrapped up at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This year’s conference saw well over 1.2 million mentions generated across social media throughout the four day event.

But first, you might be wondering how we monitored and analyzed the social conversation around CES. The answer? With the Social Media Command Center. Here’s a look at the experience.

Now, let’s take a look at the conversation.

What happens in Vegas — this week — gets Tweeted

Twitter accounts for 75% of the total conversation volume with Facebook (9.3%), blogs and mainstream news sites housing their fair share of CES chatter as well.

Brands with Buzz

Looking at the top brand names in attendance this year (and the major players that weren’t) we see Samsung as the buzz leader throughout the week. The Korean electronics giant drew a whopping 72, 425 total mentions during CES. Several products helped generate the buzz including the flexible “Youm” phone, their $4K Ultra HDTV model UN85S9, and their unveiling of the 110 inch HDTV. The brand also benefited from their keynote address which featured a pop-in from President Bill Clinton.

Sony is hot on its heels with a strong second place finish with 48,650 mentions. The company’s biggest hit was undoubtedly the Xperia Z smartphone which was named best in show by The Verge.

LG rose to third on the strength of their own curved OLED TV, an answer to the one already drawing great conversation for Samsung as well as their announcement of a soon-to-be-available 55 inch OLED TV.

Top Product Categories

Breaking the conversation down by some of the major product categories, we see TVs were the runaway winner in terms of total mentions for the week.

With over 58,000 mentions, televisions left an indelible mark on the Las Vegas Convention Center floor.  Tablets are next with over 39,800 mentions with smartphones right behind them with 38,700.  Apps and Ultrabooks continued to produce some buzz as well, while Game Consoles and Phablets followed.

The Demographics

Boys love their toys and the CES demographic breakdown shows males leading the conversation with 64% of total posts to the ladies’ posts at 36%.  In terms of age, CES fans are solidly in the 35- to 44-year-old range.

CES Brings the Stars to Vegas

Headphones were the product bringing several of the big names to Vegas with recording artists and NFL star Tim Tebow in attendance to promote their headphone lines.   Let’s take a look at the most mentioned celebrities throughout the week.

Recording artist 50 Cent is the buzz leader for the week followed by performer will.i.am and Maroon 5 (who performed at the Monday night pre-show keynote).  The aforementioned Tim Tebow and actress Felicia Day round out the top 5 most mentioned stars of the week.

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Now, let’s get #2014CES trending, it’s never too early!  See you next year, all.