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This post originally appeared on the CEA blog.

The 2013 International CES is officially off and running in Las Vegas as of 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Day one of the conference saw more than 331,000 social media mentions of CES. Twitter accounts for about 78 percent of total volume with both Facebook (10 percent) and blogs (3.9 percent) generating plenty of CES buzz as well.

Brands with Buzz

Looking at some of the top brands in attendance this year (and some major names that aren’t) we see Sony leading the way in terms of social media mentions. Samsung, however, is hot on its heels with a strong second place finish.

Top Brand

Rounding out the top brands for day one was Qualcomm – its Monday night keynote crashed by Microsoft head Steve Ballmer drew plenty of attention across the social Web followed by Google, Intel, Panasonic, LG, Ford, Apple and Microsoft. Sony climbed to the top of the heap on the strength of their Xperia Z waterproof smartphone. Samsung chatter centered on a few products, most notably it’s curved OLED TV which factored heavily into Samsung conversations during the day.

Top Product Categories

Indeed, televisions were the talk of the town on day one. Breaking the conversation down by gadget and product category, TVs led the social media conversation by a comfortable margin.


With just over 19,000 mentions, televisions dominated day one conversation. Smartphones were next with slightly over 12,000 mentions with tablets less than 50 posts behind them. Apps and Ultrabooks produced some buzz as well while game consoles and phablets, a supposed 2013 buzzword to watch, placed at the bottom.

The Demographics

Apparently, men love their toys. The CES demographic breakdown shows males leading the conversation with more than 67 percent of total posts compared to the ladies’ posts at 33 percent. In terms of age, CES fans are in the 25- to 44-year-old range.


The Stars are out in Vegas

CES also hosts many celebrities, some of whom already generate their fair share of social media chatter.  Let’s take a look at the most mentioned celebs from Tuesday.

Top Celebs

Recording artist of The Black Eyed Peas led day one with Maroon 5, which performed at the Qualcomm keynote on Monday night, nipping at his heels for a second-place finish. Actress Felicia Day made a strong showing as well with active tweets throughout the day. Other top names included 50 Cent, LL Cool J and NFL phenom Tim Tebow.

We’ll have another recap on Friday so stay tuned for the latest social media conversations. If you’re in Vegas, visit the Salesforce Social Media Command Center at CES, inside the North Hall, Booth #4906.