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With the end of the world nigh thanks to those pesky Mayans, Kraft is hoping people are putting a bit more thought into their desired last meal. As part of our ongoing efforts to bring your attention to creative social media campaigns, we had to spotlight the #KDPocalypse.  Earlier this month, Kraft launched the KDPocalypse campaign, which it’s been promoting through Twitter, Facebook, and its own website.

Here’s how it works:

Using Facebook and Twitter to spread the word, Kraft wants its fans (and take it from a Canadian, KD fans are devout) to tweet their desire to make KD their last meal before the world comes to its end.

Next, Kraft responds with a tweet containing a unique URL for the fan to claim their free box of KD. They’ve created a separate account for this, @KDpocalypse, which explains why that account is not where you should follow them. The account bio reads, “This account will cease to exist on 12-21-12, along with everything else?”  Tweeters follow the unique link to the website, fill out an online form, and a free box of KD is on its way.


Kraft Dinner: A Popular Last Meal?

While we’re sure some Tweeters are just in it for the free box, plenty of people have jumped on the campaign.  As of noon today, #KDpocalypse has generated over 10,300 mentions on Twitter since launching on December 4.

A Campaign with Cross-Border Appeal

Canadians are tweeting their KD desires every bit as much as their American counterparts. The U.S. accounts for 65% of mentions versus Canada’s 34.3%.  It’s well known that if many Canadians had millions of dollars, not only would they still eat Kraft Dinner, they’d eat more of it.



Kraft has seized on a huge cultural talking point, the Mayan 2012 prophecy, and added its own humorous take on it.  Your next campaign doesn’t need to a huge cultural event attached to it (e.g. Olympics, the election) but keep an eye on the chatter. Who knows what’s being discussed in the social world that you could work into your next social media campaign?  Do it in a funny way, tongue firmly in cheek, and you can insert yourself into the conversation with very little pushback.

We’re always on the lookout for fun, creative social media campaigns.  Spotted any other recent campaigns? Tell us about it below.

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