Content marketing may not be new, after all, it’s been around since cavemen drew on a wall, but it is powerful. C.C. Chapman proved this point plus how to make it work for your brand in the webinar, Transforming Your Small Business into a Content Powerhouse.

If you know C.C. or you’ve heard him speak before, you know his straightforward style. He gets to the point quickly and effectively. In the spirit of that, here’s 10 candid tips from the webinar.

There’s no perfect answer for content marketing.

You can read about what’s successful, but what works for someone else may not be as effective for you. Always try new things and as you determine the content that’s bringing results (increased shares, driving leads, or whatever your goals may be), stick to them!

You are a publisher. Embrace it.

Just like a magazine knows its next couple of issues, have your content planned out. Start thinking a month or two or more ahead. What are you going to produce? Plan around upcoming events, product launches, etc. The more you start thinking like a publisher, the stronger you’ll be.

Get your house in order.

Dig up the content you already have in house – i.e. case studies, brochures, videos, etc. and repurpose and reshare them. A case study can be repacked as a blog post. Your video can be chopped up into multiple videos for tweets. Heck, this webinar has already turned into two blog posts, a slideshare presentation, and a YouTube video.

Everyone has a story. Everyone.

What makes your company unique? There must be something. You might think the day-to-day operations is boring but your fans want to know the people behind their favorite brands. They want to see the factories where their favorite shoes are made. Your office dog is a story. American-made products is a story. Share it!

Nobody has enough time or money? NOT true.

Everyone is busy. Even during this busy holiday season, with a book launch, C.C. made this webinar happen. Why? We must have a presence online in today’s world and it’s important to take the time to make it happen.

Play to Your Strengths

While C.C. is great at speaking, he also enjoys taking photos. I love making videos. Fellow blogger, Jason Boies is hilarious. Champion those things. There are plenty of competitors but there are also plenty of ways to set yourself apart. Playing to your strengths can help. For instance, take a quick pic, Instagram it and tweet it. Here’s a great example that happened during the webinar!

There’s no shame in keeping an eye on the competition.

Keep an eye on what they’re doing, they’ll give you ideas. The smartest people are always learning and embracing the concept of an eternal student. You can learn from your competitors, and they you.

If you have a phone that doesn’t take pictures, fix that.

Social media gives you the ability to share photos whenever and wherever. If you’re a restaurant, take a picture of today’s special. Work in electronics? Show some gadgets. You can even take more generic pictures that may come in handy later.  For instance, C.C. took a picture of his backpack on the ground. That works for any travel-related blog posts down the road.

Don’t forget mobile.

Everyone is mobile these days.  Everyone. And that includes tablets too. Pull your website up on your phone right now. Does it maneuver well? Is it easy to navigate? Does it look aesthetically pleasing?  If not then fix it right now.

Create Social Objects

Social objects range from ebooks, to guides, to infographics and more. They’re what people are going to take and share. What can you create that will be shareable? This content should educate, inspire or entertain. According to C.C., if you do one of those, you’re golden.

Remember Who you Are

Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  Be authentic, be human, be you.  Not comfortable with writing? Do audio.  Timid on camera? Then don’t do video.

To learn more, watch the webinar in its entirety here:

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