If you’re going to shop online, then get those credit cards ready because today’s the day.  Cyber Monday, the online answer to Black Friday, has grown to become the biggest online shopping day on the calendar. ABC News has already reported that online sales on Black Friday were up 26% from 2011 with a record $59.1 billion being dropped across the US at both websites and brick-and-mortar locations.

As with any heavily buzzed-about event, social media platforms are flooded with mentions of Cyber Monday as social media users open a few extra tabs in their browsers and join in on the madness.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Volume and Hot Spots

Over the past 14 days, social media mentions of “Cyber Monday”, “#CyberMonday”, or “#CyberMondaySale” have reached 818,138 total posts across all social media platforms (as of 12pm EST).  Monday alone has generated just under 300,000 so far. Twitter accounts for 79.3% of the volume (about 649k posts) with Blogs placing second (9.5%), and Facebook third with 7.4%.

As was the case with Black Friday, the United States leads the conversation; it accounts for 83.2% of posts. Not quite as high as its 87% for Black Friday.  Canada is again second (3.4%) with other top conversation hot spots including the UK (2%), Germany (1.7%), and Chile (1.2%).

Who’s Talking about Cyber Monday?

Just as they did on Black Friday, females lead the online Cyber Monday conversation, though not by quite as large a margin.  Women account for just under 60% of the conversation share to males’ 40%. As well, the younger demographics aren’t as well represented here as they were in the Black Friday conversation.

What Brands are Getting the Most Buzz?

Zagg tops the list of the most mentioned Twitter Usernames, with Etsy and eBay making the podium as well.

Big names such as Amazon and Best Buy crack the top 10 as well. Perhaps the most surprising entry, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s “Snooki Slippers” account.  Yes, the Jersey Shore star’s line of footwear is generating some Cyber Monday buzz.  Insert “the Mayans were right” comment here.

Top Hashtags

We eliminated some of the more obvious hashtags (#CyberMonday, #shopping, #deals, etc) to pinpoint specific brand or product names being hashtagged the most.  Amazon is the hands down winner here while the iPad is the most hashtagged product.

What’s the Sentiment Like?

Unlike Black Friday – where sentiment was almost perfectly split – Cyber Monday posts appear to be largely positive.  We see positive posts account for 78% of the conversation versus 22% for those with negative sentiment.

While not generating nearly the volume of conversation of Black Friday, Cyber Monday continues to be a hot topic today across social media. Twitter is doing its part with #CyberMonday currently the promoted trending topic du jour.  As well, #24Dealsin24 is trending across the United States as this post was being prepared.  Are you joining in on the Cyber Monday madness?


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