Our Facebook Page viewed with a Mobile App

Facebook just announced they are implementing one of their most requested features: a share button for the mobile app. If you’ve ever been frustrated because you couldn’t share content from your smart phone, this sounds like a godsend. (Maybe we should wait a month and see if it turns our streams into endless repetition of the same cat photos, but I’m cautiously optimistic.)

Around 70% of mobile users return to Facebook on a daily basis, compared with just 40% of desktop users. Mobile is the future, as we all know. So what does the mobile share button mean for marketers?

First, shareable content becomes even more important. The Facebook News Feed algorithm looks kindly on likes and comments, but the “share” is the brass ring for marketers. The more your audience shares your content, the more your news shows up in their streams.

Even more important, this will drive the necessity for marketers to create useful, engaging and short shareable content. How often do you read a headline on your smart phone of an article someone has shared on Facebook, and decide not to click through because you know it’ll take a long time to load?

Marketers need to create content that will have a high impact when seen on a smartphone screen and will provide real value without needing to be clicked. That would seem to argue for infographics, pithy or useful or controversial quotes and astonishing imagery.

That’s no mean feat; I would guess most marketers are trying to do that now, and we all know not many are succeeding. Brevity has long been considered the soul of wit. Maybe now it’s also the soul of mobile marketing.

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