Having one of those days

If you’re a content creator like me, chances are you’ve had a few moments of writer’s block. Deadlines loom, and yet you find yourself without so much as an opening sentence. It’s a terrible feeling and it happens to me, too.

When we consider content creation in social media, it is so much more than ‘just a blog post’ and so I felt it would be beneficial to you – our community – and our own creative team to realize that it’s not just you. Remember, social media content creation is not just for companies like the Marketing Cloud who also happen to be in the business of social media.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a few ideas to strike the creative match again.


Before you are completely frustrated with your inability to pull a new topic from thin air, swallow your pride and ask for help. Seriously. The sooner we realize that we’re all in the same boat and playing for the same team, the sooner we get on with writing or creating.

Tip: Try tossing your ideas around in a Google doc or over coffee.

Consult your audience

Not sure what to deliver to your audience? Are you sure you even know what they want? Ask for feedback and suggestions. You’re not obligated to design an infographic just because someone comes up with an idea, but you may find angles, topics, and information that will be useful to you in your next post.

Tip: Consider a simple poll on Facebook asking for feedback. To ensure maximum engagement, offer something in return.


How can you begin to know what is valuable to give to your community if you are not already aware of what they’re reading. Keep up to date with current thoughts and ideas relevant to your industry and audience. Know what your competitors are saying, too.

Tip: Keep a good list of regular content sources at the ready. It’s ok to share and blog about content that others have created on occasion.

Ask the experts

Your community can provide you with suggestions, but other experts in the field with credibility and a following can help on a deeper level. If you’re not already making friends on social media channels with other influencers in your field, now is the time to start. A great connection can lead to guest content or guest contributions to your own content. Interviews via YouTube or quotes in a post add a flavor your community will appreciate.

Tip: Find and friend one industry voice who you respect and find a way to make your social media friendship mutually beneficial.

The 3 R’s

No, not reading, (w)riting, and (a)rithmetic… Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Look at your old content and consider what subject matter did well. What did your audience really connect with? Where did you get the most engagement? It’s not cheating to reuse something that was good the first time around. Just don’t make it a daily habit! Take a look at your favorite magazine at the grocery store checkout. The headlines month after month are similar, yet people still buy. Why? Because the topics are still of interest and the way they’re phrased is appealing. Sometimes a re-write and refreshed way of looking at a topic you’ve already covered is just what your audience needs.

Tip: Dig up your most successful blog post from the past and find three new ways to use the material that will be fresh and helpful for your community.

Of course, tips of any sort are only as good as the action behind them. We can like and share all we want, but until we act on what we’re seeing and giving it good effort, we can’t say for certain if it works.


What about you? Do you have content fatigue advice? What has worked for you in the past? Will you be trying any of these suggestions? Tell us! For more information on developing content, check out our ebook, How to Craft a Content Marketing Plan.