Last week, as part of its worldwide tour, Cloudforce came to Canada’s east coast.  Over 150 Salesforce users and curious marketing, sales and IT professionals from all over the country visited Halifax, Nova Scotia to learn about new Salesforce developments and products at this one-day event.

The conference was bursting with a unique hometown-hero energy, since Canada’s east coast is home to Radian6, now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

With the exciting new launch of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there was a great deal of buzz around the enterprise adoption of social media. Throughout the day, we heard inspiring stories from Atlantic Canadian companies on how they successfully and dynamically transformed their businesses with social media.

Here are a few social media takeaways from Atlantic Canadian experts:

Learn the language

When embarking on your social media journey, the best place to start is passive listening. Chris Keevill, President and CEO of full-service advertising and PR Agency Colour, said, “Begin by understanding your community – don’t be a jerk marketer and just insert yourself into the conversation. Learn the language and ask for clarity if you don’t completely understand.”

If you don’t fully understand what your community is asking or discussing, it will be evident in your engagement, and you’ll undoubtedly lose your community’s credibility and trust.

Give your community what they want

Aaron Veinotte, Communications Advisor at Nova Scotia Power, was all about finding out what your community wants and then delivering. “By listening to your customers’ social conversations, you’ll better understand what they need. Make this information as available as possible.”

Nova Scotia Power uses Twitter to help customers facing power outages in real-time. On their website, they host an extensive Q&A platform, generated by frequently asked questions through their social channels, as well as a real-time Live Power Outage Map.

Use social listening to gain consumer insights

Keevill said the best way to “get closer” to your consumers is through social listening. Social monitoring and insight analysis provides raw, authentic snapshots into your consumer base that will arm you with thicker, stronger and more relevant insights then traditional market research methods. Start with a wide search, then narrow down to the most important questions. Once you start getting closer, the stories will start writing themselves.

To learn more about how you can transform your business with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, check out our recap of  the Marketing Cloud keynote session at Dreamforce ’12, or register for a Cloudforce event near you.