As students settle in for another busy school year, we are checking in with another higher education customer – Brock University. Brock University is one of the fastest growing universities in Canada. Serving more than 18,000 students and a growing alumni family of more than 75,000, Brock University knows that an effective way to keep in touch with its audience is through the social media.

The social media team at Brock has done a terrific job at engaging various departments in their efforts on the social web.  Recruitment and Liaison, Marketing and Communications, and Alumni Relations are all actively taking part in online conversations. This coordinated approach means the University is able to maximize their reach and engagement on social channels. By providing students and parents with the information they need, where and when they need it, Brock has seen success online. This engagement has shown their university community that they can depend on Brock to be present and responsive to online conversations.

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