Last week, 90,000 people registered for Dreamforce, the tenth annual cloud computing event of the year, to attend over 750 educational sessions and hear from Marc Benioff, General Colin Powell, Jeff Immelt, Tony Robbins, Angela Ahrendts, Sir Richard Branson and more. Our very own Marcel LeBrun and Michael Lazerow also revealed the new Marketing Cloud, so if you didn’t tune into that, you can read the recap and watch the recorded keynote here.

As all of this was happening, attendees tagged 3,513 photos with #DF12 on Instagram. We perused them all and found twenty we really liked that represent different moments throughout Dreamforce 2012.

So, here they are – all awesome and in no particular order.

mchammer at df12 by mchammer

MC Hammer performing before Marc Benioff’s “Business is Social” keynote. “Turn’t Up !!!! Dreamforce2012″ – @mchammer

marc benioff photobomb at dreamforce by spartovi

Marc Benioff, CEO & Chairman of Salesforce, photobombed. “#df12 #benioffphotobomb” – @spartovi

mosone stairs dreamforce 2012

People on the move in Moscone. “@salesforce + you! #df12 last day of my 5th Dreamforce! #dreamjob #sfdc #dffun” – @quinlyn56

sir richard branson at dreamforce

“Sir Richard Branson at Dreamforce 2012 #DF12″ – @laurenmccadney

overlooking dreamforce plaza df12 kkarner23

Overlooking the Dreamforce Plaza between Moscone North and South. “#DF12 is winding down. @Dreamforce” – @kkarner23

playing foursquare on dreamforce plaza df12

“@playworks set up four square on the Dreamforce Plaza! Awesome break from all the sessions. #df12″ – @zjong

dreamforce 2012 cloud expo

The Cloud Expo room. “Last day of #df12 – loved the cloud expo! Great job to the team on this!” – @quinlyn56

social media command center at dreamforce 2012

“Calm before the storm” – @andrew_sf about the Social Media Command Center in Moscone North.

Mitch Joel Jon McGinley Aaron Strout Tom Webster at Dreamforce 2012

“Dreamforce Boy Band. We’ll be opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers tonight @webby2001 @jonmcginley @aaronstrout” – @mitchjoel

david meerman scott on newsjacking dreamforce 2012

“And then @dmscott stood on a chair to illustrate his point at #DF12 #marketingcloud” – @justinlevy at David Meerman Scott’s session on Newsjacking.

marcel lebrun marketing cloud keynote dreamforce 2012

SVP Product, Marcel LeBrun (@lebrun) on stage for the Marketing Cloud Product Keynote. Photo by @davidbthomas. Read the recap:

red hot chili peppers at dreamforce 2012

The Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in front of the Civic Center. Photo by @refinedpursuit.

scott monty michael lazerow dreamforce keynote

Scott Monty and Michael Lazerow on stage during the Marketing Cloud Product Keynote. “@scottmonty from @ford knows #socialmedia… and apparently #fashion, too! so dapper! #marketingcloud #df12 @lazerow” – @maitramtran

Marc Benioff Business is Social keynote dreamforce 2012

Marc Benioff on stage during his “Business is Social” keynote. Photo by @valaafshar

moscone center dreamforce 2012 birds eye view

Moscone Center from 39 floors up! Photo by Marketing Cloud’s @davidbthomas.

gen colin powell from grass victorgaxiola

Marc Benioff’s Keynote conversation with Gen. Colin Powell & Jeff Immelt, CEO General Electric. “Watching Colin Powell from the grass #DF12″ – @victorgaxiola

playing chess by nfthach dreamforce plaza

Playing jumbo chess on the Dreamforce Plaza in between sessions and keynotes. Photo by @nfthach.

dreamforce 2012 cloud socks mackeyleah

“Outfit epicness has now been achieved with these nifty #dreamforce cloud socks #df12″ – @mackeyleah

dreamforce plaza by irongiantbc

The Dreamforce Plaza on Howard Street. “Just some of the crowds at #Dreamforce.” – @irongiantbc

Dreamforce Plaza Moscone Center

Dreamforce Plaza, Moscone Center. Photo by @justinlevy.

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