Please note: we are currently updating this post to provide you the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities (May 2013)

Using some type of web analytics tracking is an essential part of any brand’s digital strategy. Whether it is tracking the traffic to their website or forecasting digital lead generation based upon their completed online sales funnel, web analytics gives a brand a concrete manner of tying metrics directly back to their investments and rewards.

Many of the social media ROI formulas that have been pushed into the industry over the last few years have relied in some part on the results of web analytics data. This is especially true for the “Return” aspect of your social media investment. While this is not the only approach for determining social media ROI, it is an option that any brand actively using web analytics should be aware of. The benefits of web analytics does not just revolve around ROI, but it can also strongly inform your content marketing strategies and product positioning.

Through our web analytics providers, the Salesforce Radian6 platform can help to build this bridge between your digital strategy and your social media efforts. This integration will connect your web analytic metrics from your website with your social data.

What Providers Does Radian6 Integrate With?

We currently have available integrations with the following web analytics providers:

  • Google Analytics
  • Omniture
  • Webtrends

How Does this Integration Work?

If you are familiar with web analytics, you know it is a collection of website “usage” data, (visits, unique visits, time on site, etc.) for a given website, typically your own. Here’s a high level view of how our integration works.

  1. Web Analytics platforms track “Referring URLs” that drive traffic back to your site.  These platforms track things like the amount of time spent on sites, how many visits, unique visitors, etc. This information is stored within your web analytics provider.
  2. Salesforce Radian6 pulls social media posts that match your search terms entered in your Topic Profile. These posts often times have URLs within them, Post URLs.
  3. After the integration process, your web analytics provider gives us access to their list of “Referring URLs” which we match to the Post URLs in our system.
  4. You will see both the social post and the available metrics from the web analytics matching.

**With our different providers there are a few detailed nuances to how each connection works. More to come in future posts.

What About Our Security?

The web analytics setup process is only possible with your authorization regardless of the supported 3rd party service you choose to integrate with. Any data that we collect on your behalf is stored strictly within your Salesforce Radian6 account so only you will have access to it. Keep in mind that no person-identifiable data is transferred or made available to Salesforce Radian6 during the data collection, so there is no way to connect users to their company’s website.


What Does this Integration Look Like?

There are two main places that you can view your web analytics data in the Analysis Dashboard, the Topic Analysis widget and the River of News.

Topic Analysis

The Topic Analysis widget has a metric tracking feature called “Count by”. Typically this is defaulted to show the “Number of Posts” giving you a volume metric. Once your web analytic integration is in place, this is where you will be able to count your social posts by different web analytic metrics.

Below we’ve looked at the social conversation by number of posts for a brand, competitors and industry on the left side and then used those same results to count the number of visits generated to our website by referring URLs within those posts.

Radian6 Topic Analysis view by Google Analytics

River of News

The River of News will also offer a view of your metrics once the integration is in place. You will be able to see your web analytics metrics under the “Sort by” menu. Using these options will automatically re-sort your River of News results to show the post with the greatest value for the selected metric.

Radian6 River of News sort by Google Analytics New Visits

Once you have sorted your River of News, you can see the web analytics metrics listed on the right side, below your typical social metrics.

Radian6 Web Analytics

If you have multiple web analytics providers integrated or are tracking a large amount of metrics, you may see the text “Custom Dynamics..” This means there is too much data returned to view inside the River of News. In this case, simply click on “Custom Dynamics” text and you will be taken to the Sparklines View where you will have access to all of your web analytics data.

Radian6 Web Analytics Spark Lines

Stay tuned for future posts exploring the details and uses of each web analytics provider we support. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to talk to your Salesforce Radian6 representative.

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