The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) happened this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and with so many tech enthusiasts under one room, social media conversation took off like a caffeine-fueled Sonic the Hedgehog.

Between Monday and end of day Thursday, E3 mentions across social media had reached 739,020 total posts.

Day One

Monday was the busiest day in terms of social media traffic, with 437,993 posts. Conversations hit their highest peak at 1pm EST, with 93,305 posts in conjunction with Microsoft’s presentation.  A glimpse at a conversation cloud shows Black Ops 2 as the clear conversation driver.

E3 Day 1

Sony drove the second highest spike at 9pm EST, with almost 55,000 mentions around its presentation. The Wonderbook, a new peripheral device, drives the most conversation, with #wonderbook, book, books, Rowling, Harry, and Potter all featuring prominently among the 50 most frequently used words.

Day Two

Tuesday saw half of Monday’s traffic, with 212,239 mentions.  Nintendo drove the one very clear spike of 82,654 posts at the 12pm EST mark.  The Wii U was certainly the center of attention this week for Nintendo and the upcoming 1st person shooter ZombiU was a the top conversation driver.

E3 Day 2

Day Three

Wednesday drew 58, 388 E3 mentions. Nintendo scored another spike in conjunction with its 3DS presentation, with #3DS and several Mario-flavored keywords factoring into the 9,900 conversation spike at 9pm EST.

E3 Day 3

Day Four

There were 30,426 mentions of E3 on Thursday, but no clear spikes emerged.  A conversation cloud looking at the entire day shows more love for Nintendo, and Crytek’s shooter Warface featured prominently.

E3 Day 4

“The Big Three”

So how did the “Big Three” gaming console makers perform in terms of driving conversation? Nintendo is the clear leader, with over 89,000 mentions in total.  Sony and Microsoft are nearly neck and neck, with Sony nudging ahead with 53,523 mentions, compared to Microsoft’s 52,920.

E3 The Big Three

Girl Gamers: Are they Tweeting?

A gender breakdown shows that males lead the E3 conversation by a very large margin.

E3 Gender

Hashtags of Note

A look at the most frequently used hashtags reveals more evidence of a strong Nintendo presence, but Ubisoft also lands near the top, ahead of even Sony and Microsoft.

E3 Most Mentioned Hashtags

For a video recap of the week that was, be sure to check out the most Retweeted Username of the week, IGN .  They go over all of the E3 highlights here.

Did you weigh in on the E3 conversation? Were there any announcements or panels that stood out for you this week? Have a say in the comments section!