Cape Fear Food Revolution Community Picnic

The first ever Food Revolution Day took place on Saturday, May 19. The food festival took place in homes and communities around the the globe, and was dedicated to standing up for and celebrating real food.

With over 2.8 million deaths each year a result of being obese or overweight and 43 million overweight preschool children worldwide (WHO), it is time to make a difference and stand up for real food. Food education is at the heart of making a difference. Having the basic knowledge about food nutrition and knowing how to prepare healthy meals can not only turn your life around, but save it.

We organized Food Revolution Day with the aim to inspire people worldwide to gather with their communities, host real food events, and open the conversation on local food issues in order to empower one another to stand up, promote better food education, and demand better, from schools, governments, and companies. Amazingly, with just a six week lead-in, Food Revolutionaries gathered together in 664 cities across 62 countries and organized over 1,000 real food events!

Food Revolution Team – Pop up pub lunch

Since neither Jamie nor we as a team could physically visit every town and city in every country taking part in Food Revolution Day, the campaign was built strongly on digital resources and social media reach, which allowed us to interact and support people all around the world. At the heart of the campaign was our amazing community of global volunteers who organized, hosted, and attended local food events including dinner parties, cooking classes, gardening tutorials, and farmers market tours.

Having built out the social media for the Food Revolution campaign over the past year, I have realized how important it is to make sure that our online community can talk to us when they need to and for us to be able to connect them with other local revolutionaries, no matter where they are. To ensure that Food Revolution Day was a success, we knew that we needed a special approach to our social media strategy and how we engaged with our community. Radian6 allowed us to do this with great results!

At the beginning of May, a few weeks before Food Revolution Day, Madlen and Rhiannon from the Radian6 team set us up with the engagement console and dashboard and followed up with some training, giving us the ability to engage with our community in a much more effective and efficient way.

Using Radian6, our team was able to monitor all of the conversations and activities supporting Food Revolution Day, from tracking all of the amazing real food events, photos shared, and blogs written, to ensuring that all questions and queries were responded to and accurate resources and information were shared, even when we were receiving thousands of posts by the hour! It also allowed us to keep on top of exactly who was talking about us and how this impacted the number of mentions Food Revolution Day received. For example, when celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Cody Simpson, Adrian Grenier and Gwyneth Paltrow gave their support, this tended to create more activity in the engagement console.

Radian6 also allowed our team to continually monitor the inspiring actions people all over the world were taking on Food Revolution Day, from food education stalls and cooking workshops in Java, Indonesia to a kids’ education day at a farmers market in Los Angeles, California, we saw communities from Brasilia to Madrid stand up for real food. You can read about how we used Radian6 as a non-profit campaign in this blog post, A Case Study For Non Profits On How To Activate The Crowd.

Omar Niode Foundation & Monchichi Photography – Java, Indonesia Food Revolution

“The first Food Revolution Day has come and gone and what a success! Over 1,000 events in 62 countries and some amazing stories from places like Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, Canada and Australia – not to mention the USA and the UK. Massive thanks to the Radian6 team for all their help and software – it allowed us to engage directly with more than 10,000 people over the course of the weekend, which is just incredible. Let’s do it all again next year.” – Jamie Oliver

Food Revolution Day 2012 may be over but the movement continues all year. You can find out more about the campaign at and get involved at Will you join us and stand up for real food?

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