Wondering how to come up with content ideas to keep your website fresh, informative, and engaging? Focus on your customers and community, of course! Here are 5 simple tips to creating content that will keep them coming back for more.

Create content that is interesting and innovative

The key to inspiring your social consumer to return to your website or blog regularly is to make your content interesting and innovative. Don’t feel that you need to cover the same topic that everyone else is discussing (unless it is something your community is asking for).

You also don’t have to deliver content in the same old format. How about a video montage or a musical mash-up to get your message across? Mix it up and let your company culture shine though.

Create content that is thoughtful and thought-provoking

The content you share doesn’t always have to be about your product or service. Take a page from Chris Brogan and Seth Godin, who write around concepts to make a point. Tell a story, share an experience, or invite someone else’s perspective.

Create content showcasing your industry related knowledge

If your online community looks to you for industry-related news, then it is time you start sharing it. If you have insight on how to handle a particularly tricky area of business or there are things you’ve learned along the way, share those tips. Gear your content toward your specific industry to become a thought-leader for your community.

Create content that fulfills a need

Do your website visitors come to your site looking for product information, instructional videos, and answers to frequently asked questions? Create content around those items. If you’re getting feedback around discounts and coupons, take that information and use it to create content that fulfills those needs. Tap into what you’re hearing from your customer service, sales, and community management teams. They’re on the front lines speaking directly to your clients. Do your best to give your clients what they need in the form of content and you’ll always have return visitors.

Create content that your community will find helpful

Do you know which areas of your website are the most popular or which content is getting the most views? This could be the content that your community finds the most helpful. You can also ask your community directly what content they’d like to see on your site. Show them that their opinions matter by taking their suggestions into account and creating relevant content around it. “How To” content could be key to helping your online visitors, or perhaps a “Best of” series that will not only delight but educate.

The strategy around creating content people want to read doesn’t have to be complicated. Let your community guide you toward sharing and creating the content they want, need, and value.

What tips would you add for creating content that keeps your community coming back for more? Add your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @Radian6! For more tips on creating content for your community, download our ebook, How to Craft a Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan.