Google PlusThe Google Plus debate is still going strong and shows no signs of slowing down. Shiv Singh, global head of digital at PepsiCo, shares his critique of Google Plus in this Mashable interview, while others, including Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford Motor Company, are more optimistic about Google’s social network.

In addition to the divide from the brand perspective, there are questions about how engaged Google Plus users really are. While the social network had over 170 million users as of April, these users don’t seem to be as active as those on other social networks.

Despite skepticism, some brands have found a niche on Google Plus, using the platform to share content and engage with their community and build a sizable following. Here some tips for boosting your own brand’s Google Plus presence.

1. Be visual

Similar to Facebook, Google Plus puts an emphasis on visual content. To make your brand stand out, share photos and videos that your community will enjoy, such as photos of your products or a behind-the-scenes glimpse. KLM’s Google Plus content is almost exclusively photos, which consistently generate a high level of engagement from their more than 3o0,000 followers.

KLM Google Plus

2. Offer exclusive content

Google Plus is a unique platform, so reward your followers with unique content. Providing your community with valuable content that they can’t find anywhere else will keep them engaged and make them feel appreciated. Cadbury UK has embraced this with their Google Plus community of 1.2 million, from launching their Dairy Milk Bubbly earlier this year to hosting Google Hangouts on Air.

Cadbury UK Google Plus

3. Create a brand experience

As with any other social network, Google Plus is an extension of your brand. Use your content to tell your story and showcase what makes your brand unique, from your history and values to your people to your products and services. Burberry uses their Google Plus page to highlight their products, which are the core of the luxury fashion brand.

Burberry Google Plus

Fora look at Burberry’s social enterprise story, check out the below video.

As brands, are you currently using Google Plus to engage with your community? Why or why not? As customers on Google Plus, what would you like to see from brands? For more on content strategy, be sure to download our ebook, Four Steps to Creating Content for a Social Media Community.