Coolin’ on the corner on a hot summer day, just me and my posse and MCA.”

“The New Style”, The Beastie Boys

The news that Beastie Boys front man MCA lost his battle with cancer broke on social media today at 1:00PM EST by Rolling Stone’s Twitter handle. Just as sudden as the news itself was the reaction it generated on the social network.


As of 2:00PM EST mentions of MCA reach nearly 200,000 individual posts – or over 3000 mentions every minute.

The Beastie Boys found commercial success with the release of their 1984 hip-hop album Licence to Ill, although their initial founding was in 1979 as a hardcore punk band. Over the next 25 years the Beastie Boys would continue to produce top records such as Paul’s Boutique, Check Your Head, Ill Communication, and Hello Nasty, evolving and experimenting with sound and genre.

On April 15 the Beastie Boys were scheduled to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but at the last minute cancelled their performance. No reason was given at the time but speculation was that it might be due to Adam’s ongoing battle with cancer.

As fans weighed in with their memorials, the top 10 world wide trending topics were all related to MCA or Beastie Boys song titles.

Fittingly, when we look at the top hashtags being used in conjunction with conversations related to MCA #f**kcancer is trending in the top 10.


[Flickr photo by Fabio Venni]