Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared one social media-rich idea each day you can use to strengthen relationships with your customers. Today is day 27 of 30 in our series: Share Content in Many Forms .

What comes to mind when you think about content? Blog posts, ebooks, case studies and white papers?

Let’s take it a step further and think about content outside of text copy. There are at least seven different learning styles. Think about how to incorporate them into your social strategy. Text alone isn’t going to cut it for everyone.

Share content that plays on some of the five senses so that everyone in your community can get to know your brand (and your team) in the format that feels the most comfortable to them.


Webinars are a great way to draw in and connect with your community. Webinars are interactive — unlike ebooks, white papers or even videos. Participants have the ability to ask questions and chat with the guests and moderator, and there are no geographical hindrances. There’s certainly no jet lag for traveling to and from a webinar. Plus, participants who might feel awkward in a face-to-face setting may feel more comfortable participating from their private location.

Webinars may even snag you some new clients. According to a 2009 study by Business.com, 67% of small business decision-makers who use social media for business information seek out relevant webinars or podcasts. With stats like that, why not give webinars a try?


Photos can be a nice addition and add a little variety and freshness to your content. One great reason to begin using photos as a part of your content is that sharing your photos can help personalize and humanize your business. Photos can help show your community that you are more than just a logo or a product. They can help you express your company’s culture and personality.

Photos with appropriate keywords in the filename (social-media-listening.jpg) can also help your content appear more prominently in search results. And the Facebook algorithm that determines what content shows to your company’s fans has been shown to be very friendly to photos.

If you’re looking for another reason to start adding photos in as a part of your content mix, consider this, research has found that business-oriented web pages with images performed 91% better than those pages without images.


Why write a story when you can show and tell a story? Video is the way to go! Why you ask? Because 71% of online Americans use video-sharing sites (Source: Pew Internet) and according to a 2009 Forrester report, your video content is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than text content.

These are just a few ideas to create and share content beyond plain text. Think about how you can expand your content horizons and let us know what’s been working for you.

Are you experimenting with different forms of media and content? Is there a particular format that you find challenging? Is there anything you wouldn’t consider trying? Add your comments below, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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