As an extension of this month’s ebook, Building Stronger Customer Relationships: Making Your Brand More Personal With Social Media, we are sharing one social media rich idea each day for the next 30 days. Our Day 25 topic is: get content and social media working together with SEO

Now that you’ve read Day 24’s article, “Get Noticed—4 Natural Ways to Improve Your Website’s Visibility”, your website is optimized and ready to generate new leads. What about your social media channels? Are they using the same keywords as your website? Picture your website as an intersection and your social media channels as traffic lights. Without proper communication between the two, your traffic won’t arrive to their destination on time … or at all.

Both your website and social media channels must work together to promote your brand and attract new customers. You can do that by linking content and using similar keywords throughout various channels.

Keywords on social media

Using keywords on social media benefits the Internet user in the same way as it benefits search engines: they provide a clear idea of what the content is and how useful it is. If it helps attract search engines, it will help your search rankings and therefore help the amount of eyeballs viewing it. To get social content working with SEO, try using the same keywords from your website on your social updates. Here is an example from the Radian6 Twitter handle, in which social media is a keyword.


Adjust headlines to include industry keywords that are commonly searched:

Example 1:

Before:  “Building a Community Online”

After:    “Building a Community on Social Media

Example 2:

Before:  “6 Steps to Listening to your Industry”

After:    “6 Tips for Listening on Social Media

Example 3:

Before:  “How to Track your Online Success”

After:    “How to Measure your Social Media Success

Interlink content and social media so that one promotes the other.  This could mean subtle recommendations to:

connect with certain people

download a particular item

or register for an event.

The process of interlinking all of your organization’s online channels will increase your visibility and humanize your brand. Get your content and social channels working together to direct traffic appropriately. This will ensure your online presence is organized, easy to find, and works cohesively across platforms.

How do you make your social presence cohesive and easy to find? What tactics do you use to optimize keywords on social media? Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Day 25 topic, Share content your community cares about. For an overview of all 30 Days, download the free ebook.