Popular photo sharing application, Instagram, launched a version for Android mobile phones this week and social media took notice. Social conversations surrounding the highly-anticipated launch sky rocketed on April 3rd, the day of the official launch announcement.  There were 719,874 Twitter mentions of “Instagram” and “Android” within the first 24 hours of the release (midnight on April 3rd to 2pm on April 4th).

Conversation Cloud and Peaks

In one hour, and at its peak, there were 94,766 mentions of Instagram/Android (between 12pm and 1pm EST on April 3rd).  Check out most commonly used words around the topic at its highest peak:

Instagram Social Media Conversation Cloud



Instagram’s arrival to Android phones appears to be a divisive issue. 61% of tweets were classed with negative sentiment. Terms like “happy” and “mad” appear in the conversation cloud.

Instagram Social Media Conversations


Notable Hashtags

The top hashtags on the subject indicate that iPhone fans were quite vocal about the launch. The #teamiphone hashtag was number one.

Instagram Social Media Hashtags


Indeed, a majority of the negative posts appear to be comparing the Android with its rival, the Apple iPhone.

Opening a River of News off the negative pie segment and looking at the #teamiphone hashtag exclusively, we see the mobile war being waged:

Instagram Social Media Conversation

Instagram Social Media Chatter

Instagram Social Media Tweets


The male to female ratio was pretty evenly split with a slight lean toward female.

Instagram Demographics Social Media


A look at age demo shows 25-34 year olds leading the conversation followed by 21-24 year olds.

Instagram Age Social Media


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Have you been using Instagram for your mobile device? Have you incorporated it into your organization’s social media activities? Tell us about it in the comments! And be sure to check out this post for tips on showcasing your brand with Instagram.

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