As an extension of this month’s ebook, Building Stronger Customer Relationships: Making Your Brand More Personal With Social Media, we are sharing one social media rich idea each day for the next 30 days. Our Day 28 topic is: Pass along other people’s content.

Social Media is overflowing with content every minute of every hour of every day.  You’re likely adding to that stream every day as well.  Is it always your own company’s content you’re sharing, or are you spreading the love?  Remember, you don’t have to create it in order to share it.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are teeming with solid content that could be of great value to your brand’s online community and sharing it with them will only increase your standing as a thought leader in your industry and a go-to source for information.

As an example, the Radian6 Community team makes it a point to share not only our own Radian6 blog posts and those of our colleagues, but any terrific content we come across throughout the course of our day.

Here is a sample of what Zoe, Mike, Jenn, Julie and I have recently shared from our own Twitter accounts.

Let your community see that you recognize others that have something of value to add to the conversation.  That doesn’t mean sharing your direct competitor’s content, of course, but there are plenty of voices on the social web pushing out terrific posts your audience will want to see. A big part of being a helpful brand means showing that it’s not all about you.

The bottom line is that sharing others content will increase the likelihood that they will share your content.  Finding brand evangelists should be part of any brand’s social media strategy.  Perhaps your brand doesn’t have enough of those evangelists just yet.  In that case, it’s time to create them, and one of the best ways to do so is by sharing their content. 

Have you been sharing content from outside sources with your social media community? Any success creating brand advocates through this strategy? Tell us about it in the comments! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our Day 29 topic: we’ll be discussing openly sharing information about your brand. Also, remember to check out the *Free* ebook: Building Stronger Customer Relationships: Making Your Brand More Personal With Social Media.