There are a few basic rules of thumb to keep in mind when turning to Twitter and social media around every well-traveled corner.

Tweeting while Traveling: Learn from Kim KardashianDon’t Tweet Crimes

Even if the crimes in question are ‘jokes,’ it’s still not funny. If your chosen Twitter lingo could sound like you were going to ‘destroy America,’ maybe someone will take you seriously and greet you at the airport with handcuffs.


  • Share your destinations and your plans with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and all of your other social networks so they can live vicariously through you.
  • Be mindful of your chosen language, and the implications it could have as you travel (or attempt to travel).
  • Think before you hit that enter key. Deleting a post after the fact does not take it away. If only one person ever saw your not-so-nice tweet, it just may be the one person you wished never saw it.

Secrets Aren’t Meant for Social Media

Dear Kim Kardashian: Just because someone like, oh, an air marshal gets excited to meet you and blurts out something sensitive like, oh, the fact he’s an air marshal, does not mean you should then, in turn, blurt it out too. To your over 3 million followers via Twitter, in fact.


  • Share sensitive details over social media. In the case of the air marshal, he should never have revealed his identity in the first place, but his wrong does not permit you to take it a step further and compromise the safety of others.
  • Forget to think before you tweet. Is your image or brand at risk if you tweet that thought that just crossed your mind? Or maybe the image of the subject of your tweet?

 Jail Time or Jobless? Twitter Can Mess You Up!

There are all kinds of stories of people getting into trouble or losing their jobs because of a single tweet or tweet rant. In fact, these 13 people got fired for their ill-chosen tweeting. Similar actions can negatively impact you in travel and permanently destroy the relationships you are trying to build with customers/brands.


  • The person you tweet about in anger may eventually find that tweet. Are you prepared for that?
  • Ask yourself if you would be comfortable telling that potentially insensitive joke to the faces of the people/race/countries/brands that you’re talking about. Social media is not meant to hide you from the things you could never say or do face to face.
  • Regardless of who is right or wrong, some people have more clout than you (or more Klout, even) and aren’t worth tangling with online.

Chances are the commoners and celebrities alike in these stories have learned somewhat of a lesson. There are many other examples of social media getting people into hot water. What’s your best story? Learn more about social media for the travel industry here and read our latest ebook, From Takeoff to Landing: How to Soar on the Social Web.