Pinterest Social Media Blog PostsPinterest has generated thoughtful social media content from some of the industry’s leading minds. From the first angel investor to critical analysis of how much traffic Pinterest refers to other websites, here’s your run down.

Pinterest’s first investor explains the secret to the start-up’s successLance Ulanoff

Pinterest’s wild growth since December 2011 has been the stuff of social media legend but getting to that tipping point was a slow burn. Brian Cohen, Pinterest’s first investor, explains how the platform caught his attention and the secret to it’s success.

Social media conversations around Pinterest grow 268%Jason Boies

Speaking of wild growth, our very own Jason Boies takes a look at the number of social conversations about Pinterest between December 2011 and March 2012. What he found was a staggering increase in brand conversations related to Pinterest along with some very interesting statistics.

What a new Pinterest study means for brandsMatt Wilson

Moving from the general to the specific, Matt Wilson provides insight into a recent study that looked at the Pinterest user base and its usefulness for various types of brands. The article features a number of social media industry thought leaders weighing in on the study and providing further insight. The article is genuinely thoughtful and balanced.

Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+ , YouTube and LinkedIn – Or Does It?Tom Webster

Tom Webster re-booted his blog last week by aiming a critical lens at a piece of Pinterest trivia that is quickly becoming cannon – that Pinterest drives more traffic thans Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. Tom digs into that assertion and uncovers some interesting truths beneath the surface of the legend.

Pinterest has been the darling of the social media world for the last couple of months. I take the fact that it’s getting more critical attention as a sign of its potential as a business platform. I would love to know what conversations kept you reading and writing this week. Feel free to let me know via the comment section or hit me up at @MikeGRad6. For more information on blogging, check out our ebook, The Art of Corporate Blogging. Enjoy your weekend everyone!