We often hear the term sharing is caring, and when it comes to social media – it’s true. Make sharing content and information a big part of your social strategy. What should you share? Let the acronym THINK be your guide.


Tweet This Line!

Share things your community will find thoughtful and thought-provoking. Ask questions. Get their minds racing and show them that their opinions matter.


Tweet This Line!

Share items that your community will find helpful. It could be information directly related to your industry, FAQs or tips.


Tweet This Line!

Share interesting and/or innovative content. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be brand related, maybe it’s a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.


Tweet This Line!

Share things they need. Discount codes, coupons or even information – share whatever it is that your brand’s community would find beneficial.


Tweet This Line!

Share your knowledge. From webinars to whitepapers and everything in between, share your brand and industry related  knowledge with your community. They’ll love you for it.


If you want to be the brand people look to for great finds, sharing great content must be a key factor in your social strategy. Part of being a brand that people can relate to is being useful and personable. You can build this into your overall social media plan if you remember to let THINK be your guide.

What acronyms would you come up with to help brands be more relatable? What advice would you offer to organizations looking to use social media to solidify their customer relationships? Add your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @Radian6

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