If you work at a digital or social media marketing agency, chances are clients are looking to you for guidance on quickly developing a stronger social media presence. They’re understandably eager to get started, and want “a Facebook page by the end of April” or “5,000 Twitter followers by June.”

But chances are your idea of “getting started” in social media is very different from theirs. Agency social media strategists know that setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account is easy. Using social media to foster authentic conversations with a community is not.

What drives social media success is content. Entertaining, educational or otherwise useful content is the engine of the social web: it’s what gives brands something to talk about with their customers and prospects. So, an agency’s real challenge isn’t figuring out where a client should have a social media presence – it’s how to help clients conquer the content problem.

Our advice: start with a content marketing plan. To make it easier, we’ve put together a free ebook on How to Craft a Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan that explains:

  • How to organize an editorial team to create and manage content and publishing
  • How to discover community-oriented topics to create content around
  • What types of content to create
  • How to make content findable through search engine optimization and strategic publishing
  • How content can be effectively repackaged or re-purposed for sharing through social media channels (hint: use the content distribution map below)

How exactly does this ebook help agencies?

  • A) Use it to help you craft a content marketing plan to sell to clients.
  • B) Use it internally to help you think through how you can align your resources to effectively create and publish content on behalf of clients.
  • C) Both A & B.

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Free Ebook: How to Craft a Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan