Man on plane with phoneOver 20,000 conversations across social media platforms each week highlight ‘travel + social media’. Didn’t have time to read them all? I’ve rounded up the hashtags, personalities, and content that mattered this week.

Let’s dig into the last week starting with our previous Travel Tuesday (January 31) to February 6, 2012!


I’ve shared previous posts on travel conversations on Twitter, but here’s a bit of a look at the most frequently used hashtags in ‘Travel + Social Media’ according to Insights.

  • The big winner: #TTOT – This hashtag, which stands for Travel Talk on Twitter, seems to be #winning with over 17k mentions over the previous week.
  • Runners up: #travel and #tni.
  • Lesser volume, more niche: #vacation, #traveltips, #hiking just to name a few.

What does this mean, and why should you care? Great question! While there is a huge following of the #TTOT hashtag, and there are a great number of people conversing there your potential audience may also be greater when using this hashtag for your own content. You may want to consider also zeroing and identifying the topic of your content in an effort to gain attention of the people who it will most directly affect.

Most retweeted and mentioned travel talkers on Twitter

Having a look at some of the most retweeted usernames and Twitter users who got mentioned the most in relation to our ‘Travel + Social Media’ profile, I uncovered a few fun people I was not already following. Consider this your #traveltuesday list of who to follow today:

  • @TravelDudes is killing it! I think Melvin must be sharing content that matters to his followers, otherwise he wouldn’t be showing up as the number one guy retweeted and shared last week.
  • @malloryontravel, @toniwonitravels and @nickhealy are three people who got lots of attention last week, too and they weren’t far behind @Traveldudes!
  • @zipsetandrea, @hjortur, & @zipsetrachel are a few more tweet chat hosts who sure do talk travel lots!
  • Don’t forget about @lonelyplanet and @msnbc. Their travel content gets shared lots by interested travel folks.

Some of the best of the best

It could hardly be a ’roundup’ if a few links weren’t tossed around and share, now would it? Here are a few highlights from what’s been shared widely (or wildly) over the last week:

So there you have it. Whether you’re looking for relevant conversations,  someone new to follow in travel, or a bit of recent news, this is it. Of course, I’ve left a lot of cool stuff out. That’s where YOU the community come into play.

Please, tell us who you think we should pay attention to. Share with us your favorite recent link. Or even pimp yourself out as an awesome travel voice. See the comments section below? Now….. Go!

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