On the final day of Social Media Week, let’s fire up the Radian6 analysis dashboard and find out who was talking about the event. We’ll focus on the four cities with the most conversations.

New York City

Opening up a Conversation Cloud, we can see the 50 words used the most in conjunction with Social Media Week NYC.

Communications giant Nokia and social media’s latest obsession Pinterest both cracked the top 50. Eli in Tanzania drove conversation as well thanks to this tweet from @UN_Women.



Hopping across the Atlantic over to London, let’s see what was driving UK conversation.

Nokia makes an appearance again as well as Google, the search engine giant scores with Google+ and the #SMWGoogle hashtag. Londoners were also discussing social media use by athletes in conjunction with the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games.  Former Olympic Silver medal-winning Badminton player Gail Emms also factored largely into the conversation.


Next, let’s see what the Canadians were discussing this week in Toronto.

In terms of brands, Bell Media and BMO Financial Group drove a fair chunk of Toronto conversation. The Women Shaping the Social Media Landscape panel and the #WIW hashtag also sparked an incredible amount of discussion this week in Toronto. For more insights on #SMWTO happenings check out the latest two posts from our own Jason Cassidy.


Finally, let’s move from the cold of Canada to the warmth of Florida and see what drove social conversations in Miami.

The “Personal Branding through Social Media” panel was the clear winner here with “Branding”, #PersonalBranding and the Twitter handles of the panellists dominating the Miami conversation cloud. For more on #SMWMiami, check out this post from our own Trish Forant, who was in attendance this week.

Most Active Tweeters

Speaking of Trish, she checks in at number nine amongst the most active tweeters this week. Using the influencer widget and adjusting to account for only on topic posts, here were this week’s biggest Social Media Week enthusiasts.

Language Breakdown

Finally, given the global presence of Social Media Week, let’s have a look at the language breakdown of social media week posts using a topic analysis widget.

English dominates with 87.1% of all posts with Japanese placing second with 4.7%.  In descending order, Portuguese (3.7%), French (1.8%), German (1.7%), Spanish (0.8%), and Italian (0.3%) round out the list.

This snapshot shows just how diverse the social-media conversation has become. It’s brought the world together on the major platforms while still allowing for discussions of more regional interest to flourish.

But we’ve got one more trick up our sleeves. We asked a few social media week attendees about this week. Is it useful given that social media is already well known? Here’s what they had to say.


Were you in attendance this week at any of the 12 locations?  Any particular panels or presentations our audience should be aware of?  Has Social Media become so prevalent in our daily life that a week devoted to it is becoming unnecessary?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

Jason Boies is a member of the Radian6 Community Engagement Team.  His focus is on the worlds of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.  He also tweets about film, pop culture and comic books over on Twitter at @JasonBoies.  Read other blog posts from Jason here.