Find Great Hires with Socail MediaHealthcare organizations are making effective use of social media for patient and community engagement, educating their audience, and marketing their services. It’s not just the marketing and PR departments that stand to benefit from more active involvement in social media, however. Human Resource professionals in many industries are finding success with the major social platforms in recruiting new employees for their organizations.  As for those new grads entering the workforce, it’s worth noting that among that 18 – 29 year old demographic, digital media is the most popular source for news and information.

With that in mind, let’s look at the major social media platforms and how they can used to boost your healthcare system’s recruitment strategy.

Use LinkedIn to Test Candidate Knowledge

LinkedIn has emerged as the professional profile of record. The value of the site for social and professional networking should only increase as more professionals jump on board.  Create a careers oriented group for your facility and post your latest positions.  Utilize the LinkedIn Answers section of the site for posing questions to your audience.  The Answers function could be a great way for candidates to demonstrate their knowledge in the field, their interest in your facility, even the quality of their written communications. This can give a healthcare recruiter a preliminary look inside the candidate.

Tweet Your Jobs

More and more, recruiters in healthcare are connecting with other healthcare professionals on Twitter, either directly or via one of the many healthcare centered hashtag chats.  As more healthcare organizations use Twitter to post their own press releases, they’re also sharing articles of value to both their communities and the medical profession.  They’re establishing themselves as go-to stops for top health and wellness information.  Some facilities have gone the extra step, however, and created a career-specific Twitter handle.  Here’s one good example from St. Joseph’s Hospital. Remember to push your available positions into the right spaces by using the appropriate hashtags, maybe #healthcare coupled with #jobs as a straight forward example. Recruiters can also partner up with a service such as TweetMyJobs which posts jobs based specific job functions and geographical area.

Target Your Audience with Facebook

Recent surveys suggest that as many as 61% of physicians are using Facebook, at least for personal use. One advantage of advertising positions on Facebook is the platform’s ability to reach a large audience.  With a Facebook ad, you can choose the exact audience you are looking to target, down to the characteristics of the people you wish to reach. You will be queried on the group’s age, sex and specific keywords related to the position and Facebook will then calculate how many of its users fit your criteria. Of course, you’ll also want to look into posting your available jobs on your facility’s main Facebook page. Consider organizing them with a “Jobs at ___” tab. Take a look at this example from Scripps Health.

While these are the major social networks, social media is bigger than Twitter and Facebook. For your organization, it’s wherever people are creating and sharing content. It could be anywhere — blogs, forums, message boards, LinkedIn, or niche online communities.

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Have you spotted examples of healthcare systems/brands effectively using social platforms for recruitment? Is your brand having success in this area? Any other tips you feel healthcare recruiters should know about?  Tell us about it in the comments.

Jason Boies is a member of the Radian6 Community Engagement Team.  His focus is on the worlds of healthcare & pharmaceuticals.  Get a prescription for health & pharma themed tweets by following him on Twitter at @JasonBoies.  Read other blog posts from Jason here.