If you are on any social media network, chances are pretty high that you’ve at least heard of Pinterest by now. Along with individual users, brands are looking to establish a presence on the popular social media network, with many early adopters, including Etsy and Whole Foods, leading the way.

As David Thomas talked about last week, Pinterest is a game changer for how brands create and share content. If you are a brand curious about Pinterest but unsure on where to start when it comes to sharing content, here are some suggestions.

Gap Pinterest BoardShow Your Personality

Pinterest is the perfect platform to show off what makes your brand unique. Use Pinterest boards to share a more personal side to your brand with interests or inspirational elements. Gap wears its inspiration on its sleeve with boards that celebrate denim and the icons who inspire the well-known jeans brand.



Zales Jewelers Pinterest BoardCater to Your Community’s Interests

Along with sharing your own interests, use Pinterest to speak to your community’s interests as well. Create boards around topics or themes that you know your community will appreciate or find relevant and make sense for your brand. Zales Jewelers does a great job of this with its Pinterest account, including boards that celebrate love, romance, and all things wedding related.



Social Media Pinterest BoardShare Valuable Resources

Don’t just share your own content, but curate external content that your community will find valuable, such as ebooks, case studies, blog posts, and infographics. Carousel Consultancy uses Pinterest to give its community helpful tips on all things job search related, from building a resume that stands out to what to wear to a job interview.



US Army Pinterest BoardBe a Force for Good

Many brands have at least one charitable cause near and dear to their heart. Raise awareness by dedicating a Pinterest board to the causes you support. If you’re looking to promote your community involvement, take a page from the US Army, which has a board dedicated to its humanitarian relief efforts.



These are a few suggestions of how your brand can get started sharing content on Pinterest. What other approaches can you add to the above list? What brands are you following on Pinterest that have left a lasting impression?

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