Radian6 Community Managers

Radian6 Community Managers (left to right) Heather, Melanie, Genevieve, Jenn, Bart, Mike (hidden) & Jason

…. would undoubtedly be social media without community managers.

Think for a moment.

Remember the time when you were upset that the hotel staff ignored your ‘Do Not Disturb’ request by knocking on your door and you tweeted about it?

Or the time you were upset about a flight delay? Lost luggage? Or worse, your guitar got broken so you wrote a catchy song that you never knew would go viral?

Maybe you watched the Costa Concordia cruise disaster and made your opinions clear on your blog.

Alternatively, you’ve tweeted, shared on Google+ and uploaded images of fantastic vacation experiences and otherwise made social media an important part of your travel experience from start to finish.

While social media IS an excellent tool for customers in the travel industry to express opinions, ask questions, seek advice on where to stay, or engage with a resort, let’s not forget the hard-working people behind the brand. The person who answered your one question, or the person who is knee-deep in a crisis and burning up the Twitter feed with lightening-speed responses.

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD). Behind the Twitter handles, the corporate blogs and the shiny new Pinterest boards, are intelligent, engaging individuals who are doing those little deeds that delight you. That special note that showed up in your hotel room, the adjustment on your vacation package price and the complimentary upgrade for the misunderstanding at your gate? Someone in a community role was looking out for you.

Sure, not all travel brands are equal. Some have invested and believed in community management while others still are dabbling and testing the waters. Just remember, there’s a human behind there. Someone who works very hard and who loves what they do.

Please hug a community manager today (like in this group hug above!) and share in the comments your favorite community manager in the travel industry and why. Give them props. Make them glow.

Throughout today, Radian6 is supporting Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD). Check this blog post and Twitter (@radian6) for more content around this day.