mark malkoff social media brand strategy

Comedian and Filmmaker Mark Malkoff

Mark Malkoff is a clever, gut-busting social media savvy comedian and filmmaker based out of New York City. Mark modestly describes himself as, “just a wacky guy making videos about my crazy stunts.” However, his resume includes YouTube videos teetering on the one million-view mark with goals to drink coffee at all 171 NYC Starbucks locations in less than 24 hours, living in a New Jersey IKEA store for an entire week, and camping out on an AirTran airplane. Through all of this, Mark has tapped into the incredible resource of social media as a way to gain awareness and interest in his creative and bizarre ideas.

Through social media, Mark has received international exposure including winning a Guinness World Record for most scheduled flights in thirty days, hosting the live red carpet for the Streamy Awards in L.A., and gaining media attention from Jay Leno and Anderson Cooper.

Not only has Mark managed to indirectly promote the brands (IKEA, AirTran, Starbucks, etc.), but he has also been successful at creating awareness of his own personal brand – Mark Malkoff.

I met with Mark to discuss how he has uniquely and successfully used social media to generate success. Here are a few tricks up this comedian’s sleeve:

  1. Be your silly self.

    For Mark, the key to success is authenticity. He genuinely enjoys what he does, and that is reflected through his posts and engagement on Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Keep it short, sweet and awesome.

    Mark creates concepts that are headlines in themselves such as, “Mark Moves Into IKEA.”  He is creating simple, humorous content that is easily shareable.

  3.  Follow the leader? Nah, follow your following.

    Unlike some “certified” tweeters with 30,000 followers – Mark follows back. Not only does this gesture show us that he’s a pretty nice guy, but when someone who has 30,000 followers on Twitter starts following you, you wanna know what they’re all about.

Mark’s videos are all very simple concepts that are short and clever. The headline tells viewers exactly what they’re going to see and the ideas spark the, “what happens when…” curiosity in all of us. However, Mark’s biggest advantage in promoting his personal brand through social media is his naturally friendly and sociable nature. It’s evident in every one of his tweets and Facebook posts. Thank you Mark for your time and we look forward to more great videos.

What do you think is most important to keep in mind when promoting your personal brand through social media?  Do you think it’s different from promoting a corporate brand? Most importantly, have you created a funny video? We’d love to see the links! :)