Red Button saying Act NowThere’s an old saying that, “Actions speak louder than words,” and even though social media is mostly based on the words we choose to use, in 2012, don’t let your engagement just be about the words. Take action. Here’s 3 actions to consider when engaging in 2012.

Action #1: Engage with a Purpose

While you should be a resource and an ear when your community has something to say,  you should also have a well thought out reason behind how and why you engage. With so many conversations happening in the social web everyday, make sure that your engagement helps to support your social business objectives.

Action #2: Use Community Feedback

Think about your every day life. There are few things we all dislike more than hearing just words from people when we are expecting action. Listen to what your community is saying, respond appropriately and be sure to apply their feedback whenever possible. Remember, everything you are listening to on the social web is an insider view of what your consumers think, feel and need. Use it to your best advantage.

Action #3: Find New Community Members

Try not to limit yourself to engaging with just those that are well known in your community or to people that you already value. You never know what a new voice could bring to your community or the valuable feedback they could offer. Find ways to continually invite new people into your community so you can engage with new faces.

How will you be engaging more in 2012? How does your engagement support business objectives? What ways do you action the feedback you get from your community? How do you increase the people in your community to engage with?

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