30 Ways Social Media Campaigns are like BaconSocial media campaigns can be tasty, effectively filling, and a mouth-watering opportunity. In many ways, they’re like bacon. Often referred to as “meat’s candy” or the “gateway meat for vegetarians,” bacon is truly unique. You can cure it, it cooks in itself and can work its way into everything from sandwiches and salads to martinis and desserts. Moreover, the process of making bacon, much like the strategic development of a social media campaign, is an intensive craft that requires skill and dedication.

It is with these similarities that I was inspired to cook up these 30 ways social media campaigns are like bacon.

  1. Both require a skilled, dedicated process
  2. Both can sizzle
  3. They have tasty variety
  4. They can be cooked differently by different chefs
  5. They are made of many layers
  6. Both can nourish your community
  7. Both can excite your community
  8. Both can make your community hungry for more
  9. They can go bad
  10. You can under cook them
  11. You can overcook them
  12. They work well when mixed with other things
  13. Both can be the main dish
  14. Both may be a side dish
  15. They can be extraordinary
  16. You can make it yourself
  17. You can buy it off-the-shelf
  18. Both can be very hot for a period of time
  19. They can be enjoyed morning, noon and night
  20. You can serve them up multiple ways
  21. They can be incubated
  22. They can be sliced and diced
  23. They thrive on fans or followers
  24. You can give it a taste
  25. You can share it
  26. Both can stick
  27. No two are the same
  28. They can elicit conversations
  29. They can be measured
  30. They require monitoring


No matter how you cook it, make sure your social media campaigns are crispy and fresh. Whether you mix it into an existing recipe or make it the main ingredient of your dish, both bacon and social media campaigns can be a way to yield better-tasting results.

How will you cook up your next strategic campaign recipe? What other comparisons would you attribute to social media campaigns? Share your thoughts here!

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