Hi everyone, it’s me again, Karen! You may remember me from this post where┬áI shared some information about the decision for our team at Yummy Yummy treats to start a corporate blog. You shared some great feedback through Twitter including the idea for us to look at demographic information as well which would be very relevant for us. Thanks for the great tip!

Today I wanted to discuss some ways that we can build a true community through the blog and would love your ideas. As I shared before, the blog will be a place where our various bakers can provide tips, share recipe ideas, discuss nutritional information and engage with our communities. We really want to kick things off on the right foot and get people engaged as early as possible.

Here are some ideas we have to get people engaged early on:

  1. Begin commenting on the blogs of local lifestyle bloggers.
  2. Ask customers about any behind-the-scenes info they might like to receive.
  3. Try to grab a picture with some of our most frequent customers when they pop in for an early feature post.
  4. Launch with a really great giveaway of a chocolates party that we can later blog about.
  5. Promote the blog link on our website, chocolate boxes and within our stores.

We really want to focus on content that is relevant to our readers and community so after our launch the next step will be to determine what’s working and what we can do better. I hope you will catch my next post about how we will measure the success of the launch and blog. I can’t wait to talk to you more about that!

What do you think of these ideas? Will they work? What other ways can we prepare for a successful blog launch? I would love to hear your thoughts!