It must have been an amazing thing for the young British sailor aboard The Endeavour on April 19th, 1770. After a fitful night on the storm tossed seas, he awoke to a miraculous sight – an uncharted country of wooded hills and gentle valleys. It was, of course, Australia. And in no time at all Captain James Cook set about populating this strange land with boat loads of Brits, and doing to the indigenous people what conquerors world wide have been doing for centuries. But that’s another blog post for another day.

This blog post is about history and journeys of another sort, though it does begin in that amazing land down under, where I’ve been told there are scary spiders the size of dinner plates. Thankfully, we have a dedicated and fearless team of Radian6‘ers in Australia, and they do the Southern Hemisphere event hopping for us scaredy cat northerners.

The Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, June 23rd to 26th was where you found Radian6’s Vice President – Asia Pacific Business Development, Charlie Wood. With him was’s Matt Loop, Vice President, Corporate Sales to Drive Customer Success in Australia and New Zealand. They were attending the Photo Marketing Association International conference and co-presented a talk about, what else? Cloud computing.

Speaking of Salesforce, two Cloudforce Essentials events blew by us this week in Brisbane (July 12th) and Melbourne (July 13th). At each event there were leading sales professionals, customers, and the opportunity to have your toughest questions about cloud computing answered by their team of experts.

Back in North America now, the San Francisco Bay area played host to Digital Pharma West (June 27th – 30th) and Radian6 was happy to be a sponsor. A mashup of leading pharma marketers and the most cutting edge topics in digital communications, the event was attended by our own Director, Agency Relations Craig Comeau and Manager, Business Development, Mike McGinn.

Radian6‘s Senior Partner Relationship Manager Robin Seidner was in Park City, Utah shortly after the Fourth of July for EVO 2011 – The Evolution of Women in Media (July 7th – 9th). Self described as “a conference that blends workshops, networking, parties and the wind-in-your-hair relaxation that can only be found by spending summertime in the mountains” it sounds like a great spot for an annual event.

And finally, to wrap up July, Rob Begg, Director of Sales Support for Radian6 will be attending the  Masco’s Digital Media Conference, July 26th in Michigan.

Watch for another “Where in the World…” update in two weeks. Happy travels for the rest of the summer, and try not to do any conquering while you’re out there. Oh, and watch out for spiders.

Note: I might have made up the part about the dinner plate sized spiders. But I’m not going to go down under to find out.