What would Emily Post do? Indeed, anyone versed in the fine arts of proper social etiquette might imagine her spinning in her grave. The American authority on social graces died in 1960, well before the advent of cell phones, the internet and social media. Yet were she alive today, she would certainly have published a ‘new and revised’ social media chapter of her classic guide — Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home.

First published in 1922, the tome took the stuffy out of good manners, and was the first such publication meant for the masses. The first edition reflects the etiquette of her generation, when ‘good girls’ went to finishing schools – “Chaperons and Other Conventions” being one chapter title – Post remained hip to the changing tides of progress, and added to later editions with advice on television, telephone, and airplane etiquette. Later retitled Etiquette—the Blue Book of Social Usage, it went through 10 editions and 90 printings before her death.

So what would Emily Post do with this new and rapidly evolving world of social media engagement? The transparency and immediacy of it would certain give her pause, not to mention the sometimes shocking self-publication that today is pretty standard fare – party pics from the weekend or an inappropriate tweet after a night on the town. She may even agree with the theory that these days, YOU are a brand. And your personal and professional brands both need to be protected while engaging online. Mostly, it boils down to common sense, but as Ms. Post discovered, sometimes we all need a refresher course! We hope that this month’s ebook — Social Media Etiquette – Minding Your Manners on the Social Web — is going to shed some light on this subject.

Need insights on what is acceptable behaviour in social spaces like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Forums? It’s in here. Curious as to what benefits you will reap by displaying proper social etiquette, or what approaches you should definitely steer clear of? That’s here also. And if you’ve ever wondered if there’s a difference between personal and professional etiquette, we’ll just say one thing – yes, there is, and we’ve got you covered. We also dig deep and explore the three Rs of reward: Reciprocation, Respect and Reliability; as well as the three Ds of possible disaster: Disclosure, Defamation and Discrimination. Of course, this eBook isn’t meant to dictate the only way to behave online. Think of it more as a guide to getting you started in the right direction.

As Emily Post herself once said, “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”

We hope you enjoy the ebook Social Media Etiquette – Minding Your Manners on the Social Web. We would love your thoughts and comments on this issue.