In social media we talk a lot about being engaged or becoming an engaged brand. But engagement isn’t just for interacting with your customers. Engagement starts on day one of your social media training by making sure that as a group you are communicating clearly. But how in the world do you stay engaged internally and externally in ways that will work for you? Let’s take some time today to walk through a few things to keep in mind.

Talk about it
It might seem silly to have a discussion about being engaged, but the first place you need to start is figuring out the methods that will work best with your team. Have a conversation. Find out the ways your team likes to communicate, list the different ways you plan on communicating and about what. By starting the conversation early on everyone will have a voice on how to stay involved.

Write it down
We often talk about having an external playbook, which is basically a place to house everything you do as far as guidelines in the social media space. But what about internally? Have you ever considered recording everything you do as a team to communicate internally? Walking through the process of writing down the ways you communicate and encourage internal engagement may help to expose areas you are missing.

Don’t be afraid to change it up
Just like any good external engagement strategy, it’s important to keep your internal engagement strategy up to date and always shifting to your team’s needs. Try picking a monthly time to review the ins and outs of how you talk to each other.

What ways are you fostering internal engagement as your team learns and grows? What stumbling blocks have you hit a long the way and how did you overcome them as a team?