It never fails to stun when an event that takes months to build goes by in what feels like a blink of an eye. It’s hard to believe that only a week ago we were hours away from wrapping up Social 2011. Here we are, a week later, some of us still reeling from the experience (I will admit to being a conference newbie), and still digesting the immeasurable benefits that come from attending such an event. Whether it’s meeting your online-friends face to face for the first time, learning from the best in the trade or being part of the indefatigable ‘behind the scenes’ team pulling the whole thing together – or a combination of all three – you can’t help but come away with your DNA slightly altered.

On Monday, Lauren Vargas promised you a round up of some of what was published by you – your thoughts on our conference - so buckle up, cause here we go!

Jim Tobin, President at Ignite Social Media, recapped Day 1 of Social 2011, which featured an opening keynote by Dell’s Senior Vice President and CMO Karen Quintos, and their Executive Director of Social Media, Adam Brown. Tobin also wrote in detail on Paul Greenberg’s keynote from Day 2. His breakdown is clear and concise, so if you missed the event or were too wrapped up in Paul’s speech to take notes, print this out and tack it to your cork board.

Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary both wrote great overviews of, and their personal opinions on, the latest Radian6 product announcements, and brilliantly recapped the overall feel for the event. Blake Cahill, principal at Banyan Branch told the story of the Evolution of The Agency “Mad Men”, which – from a ‘poke fun at ourselves’ perspective – was a highlight of the event. Blake included in his post a selection of tweets on the panel, as well as some telling pictures. Go have a look, and decide for yourselves what you think is in those tumblers! And Rebecca Denison from Edelman Digital, Chicago, breaks Social 2011 down concisely as five lessons learned. Find out her thoughts on the social enterprise, empowering evangelists, and fish. Yes, we said fish.

We had a great turn out of students from Boston University at out event, and don’t have to remind you that at times it is incredibly refreshing to see the world – our world – through the eyes of those just getting started. Some of those students guest blogged for us here on our site over the last week, detailing the panels and keynotes they were able to attend, so please take a walk through and read their musings. One student did a bang up job of reporting for BU Now, Boston University’s blog. A senior at the College of Communications, Samantha Kops’ post is chock a block with video and pictures, as well as her thoughts on Day 1 of Social 2011.

Ottawa based Marketing Research Specialist Lucas Powell produced a detailed look at the event called Radian6 Social2011 Hashtag Report. Using conversation clouds, topic trends and influencer widgets, he provides a creative breakdown of the event in numbers, graphs, quotes and pictures. Well done and worth a look. Then click on over to No Sweat Social, where you’ll find a neat lineup titled Top 5 Quotes and Themes From Radian6 Social 2011.

And what’s an event without pictures? Internet Marketing Consultant and Boston Tweetup founder Joselin Mane took some great candid shots from Social 2011. Social Media Strategist Jim Storer, one of the founders of Boston’s The Community Roundtable, did as well. And the Radian6 Flickr stream is full to bursting with snaps. A picture’s worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes, so be sure to check them all out.

Last, but certainly not least, a special treat. A special thank you, to everyone who attended. This video says it all really. Fair warning though – it goes by so fast that you will find yourself watching it again and again. So crank up your speakers, and enjoy this fast paced look at what was a fast paced, super fun 48 hours. Hours that went by in the blink of an eye.