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Did you think we were going to leave you eBook-less this month? Hardly! We just put some extra time into January’s eBook, and invited social media analytics expert Chuck Hemann into the fold to help us wrangle our thoughts around the concept of online influence.

This month’s eBook gives you an in-depth look at the definition of influence, how influence changes in the online space, how to measure it, and how to work the process of influencer identification and outreach into your current social media processes.

Chuck was kind enough to share some of his incredible knowledge about which metrics are valuable for identifying online influence in this eBook, and Radian6 Community Team members Lauren Vargas and Teresa Basich rounded out the discussion with the wordy bits about the definition of influence and how to make the most of it.

Some other meaty bits you’ll find in this eBook include:

- The four components that make up influence – The difference between popularity and influence and why that matters – Why it’s important to use quantitative and qualitative metrics in measuring influence – Where automation falls into the mix of influencer identification and outreach – The three big buckets of online influence metrics

Of course there’s much more than those delicious pieces, so feel free to download this eBook and take a read through. THEN come back and leave us your thoughts. We’ll be reviewing some of the concepts and tenets in this eBook on the Radian6 blog throughout January, too, so come on over and share your thoughts with us.