Please note: we are currently updating this post to provide you the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities (May 2013)

Recently, we’ve had some questions about the Twitter Firehose and whether Radian6 uses it. Does Radian6 have access to the Twitter Firehose? Yes, and we have for a few months now.

But, what does access to the Firehose really mean in terms of benefits to our customers? That’s something we’d love to address. Here are some of the benefits Twitter Firehose access brings to Radian6 customers:

  1. Real-time Tweets. We are using the real-time feed, which means if something breaks about your brand in the marketplace, or if a customer has a question for you, you know about it when it happens, without delay.
  2. Access to all of the 95M+ Tweets per day. You can rest assured that all the Tweets you care about are delivered to you in your Topic Profile.
  3. No limits. The Twitter search API, which is the common method that most systems use to monitor and analyze Twitter data, has limits that cap the results returned. This means if you are tracking a topic on Twitter that suddenly explodes, or are a brand with lots of conversations tracking back to you, such systems would often miss Tweets in the results and have delays. Having access to the Twitter Firehose means there are no limits and nothing is missed.
  4. All Radian6 metrics are based on real data, not samples. We don’t sample Tweets (or any other data for that matter). Some systems estimate results and extrapolate metrics based off only a sample of content (e.g., 5% of tweets), giving estimated and inaccurate results. We base our metrics on actual and complete data, which means our customers get accurate measurements and have the ability to drill in on the details.

So, are we looking at developing other unique advantages for our customers using our access to the Twitter Firehose? Yes, we have some more ideas in the cooker, so please keep an eye out for more features coming soon, and please share your feedback with us in the comments.