EVP of Customer Success, Daniella Degrace, to lead Customer Success & Professional Services teams. Amber Naslund appointed VP of Social Strategy.

The adoption of social media is growing rapidly, and the social evolution of today’s business is undeniable.

As we’ve seen over the last few years, a sound listening and engagement strategy really forms the backbone of a company’s success in the social media space. What started as a space that helped answer “What are they saying about my brand?” has evolved into a more strategic and robust framework of brand monitoring, competitive intelligence, proactive outreach and community building, and the integration of social media activity into other key business functions like analytics, CRM, and customer support.

Companies have shifted from asking “Do we need to be doing social media?” to “How do we make social media strategic, operational, and integrated?”, as well as working hard to marry business goals and objectives with social media programs and derive actionable insights from the analysis they do.

At Radian6, our customers are forging new paths in social media, from sophisticated listening command centers to finding applications for social media in marketing, consumer affairs, product management, and customer support. The use of listening and engagement platforms like Radian6 have significantly expanded beyond their initial roots as a vertical application for brand monitoring. Companies are now deploying listening platforms as a hub for all social media activity across the enterprise, bringing social media data, insights, and engagement to every business function throughout organizations.

We’ve always looked at it as putting the “social phone” on the desk of each person in the company. As the importance of social media grows, more of our customers are looking for help with their social strategy and looking for best practices. As such, we’ve added two new business areas designed to support their adoption and implementation of successful listening, engagement, and measurement.

Customer Success
We’re delighted Daniella Degrace has joined Radian6 as Executive Vice President of Customer Success and will be leading this new area of the business.

The role of Customer Success will be to help Radian6 customers make the very most of their work with Radian6. Customer success managers will be working with all of our customers in the future, helping them deploy Radian6 as a listening platform inside their organizations. From implementation plans to strategic account milestones and measurement, the customer success program will support Radian6 customers’ adoption of the platform in whatever way suits their organization best. Our customer success program will be supported by available professional services, including turnkey system setup and configuration, the design of social media playbooks, and more.

Daniella has a deep background in building customer success programs and teams in the software and technology space, specifically in customer solutions and support leadership roles for companies like Network General, IBM, iMagicTV, and Q1 Labs. She’s put in place comprehensive and successful programs that add value to customers by helping them not just buy and use software, but use it to achieve their business goals. That makes her the perfect person to head up these new initiatives for us.

Here’s a bit of what Daniella had to say about joining Radian6:
“I was so excited about this opportunity to join Radian6, especially knowing the creative, energetic, and experienced management team we have in place. From an industry perspective, Radian6 is the clear market leader in both product and thought leadership, and has a wonderful opportunity to further its leadership by adding customer success and professional services. We’re looking forward to helping our customers excel in social media listening and engagement, to create a sustainable industry around enterprise social media.”

As for the importance of the Customer Success program, Daniella shares our passion for creating success for the companies we work with.

“I’ve seen, first hand, the direct benefit of customer success programs and frameworks for businesses. We know how well it can work, especially in a new market where companies are looking for guidance mapping out a path for social media adoption and optimization. As we work with them, we’ll be able to help them combine their strategy with our expertise around social media best practices to create a complete picture that’s not only scalable and valuable, but that delivers real, tangible results.”

Social Strategy
Amber Naslund has been our Director of Community for the past two years, working with that team to listen to and engage with the Radian6 community. You’ve likely seen or worked with Amber and our community team online as well as at industry conferences throughout the year.

We’re pleased to share that she’ll be taking on an expanded role as our new Vice President of Social Strategy. In this capacity, she’ll be working to develop Radian6 methodologies and best practices, and continue to understand how our customers’ needs line up with the complete capabilities of the Radian6 platform.

“Our customers have been asking us to help guide them along an adoption and maturity path for listening and engagement in social media,” she says. “Companies and agencies are looking for input and direction for everything from building listening models to mapping engagement strategies, understanding how to organize and staff their teams, ways to measure their success, and overall best practices for Radian6 adoption. We want to help.”

Amber will be continuing to work with the community team, but will also be working with Daniella’s success management team and with our customers to develop and illustrate comprehensive listening, engagement, and measurement models that they can adapt. She’ll be working to build frameworks for enterprise social media that will support and drive the success strategies for Radian6 customers.

What’s Next?
We’ll be sharing more with you about how these divisions of Radian6 will take shape over the coming weeks, and what it means specifically to our customers and community. Stay tuned to the blog and our website for more details about the program, complimentary professional services offerings, and how we’ll be bringing deeper value to our corporate and agency customers.

In the meantime, please join me in welcoming Daniella and Amber to their new roles at Radian6.