Want to start the year off right? Get up to speed and exceed? Over the past few days of devouring blogs, it’s inspiring to discover the one themeword or three words people are choosing as guideposts to drive their priorities throughout 2010.

Examples include: Achieve, Courage, Attuned, Connect, Stretch, Adventure, Transition, Kings, Reward. You’ve got the idea – and I could add one: “Now”. Have you chosen yours?

Whether you choose a theme or not, this is the place to learn and engage – where you’ll find encouragement to make the most of your time as you move toward making this your best year yet, to accelerate your knowledge in social media and to discover and express your true voice.

You’ll find helpful resources:

The Engaged Brand:

TakeOneThis month’s theme is “This is the Year! Social Media Resolutions”.  If you only read one book, view one multi-media presentation; or participate in one online chat, check out this handy resource for suggestions. “Take One” is like a tempting box of chocolates that you can take home and sample, savoring each choice, one at a time.

Are you planning on Hiring or Getting Hired in Social Media? Is your social media job description up to date? Community Director Amber Naslund points out the Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring for Social Media SMproroles and reveals tips on how to reinvent yourself for the emerging social media job market.

Business is in a time of transition. A power-shift is underway where the consumer has as much voice as a brand. If you intend on being a change agent to help your business traverse the bridge to social media integration, Community Manager Lauren Vargas has created an e-book that will guide you and your organization throughout 2010 in 12 clear steps. 12stepsShe outlines the stages that will help a brand transition from a single voice – to one that encompasses and enables community participation in the life of a brand. But the first step is always recognition – so if your organization is ready to recognize the social web is community-owned, then you’re ready for this amazing 12-step program.

Mark your calendars and Join the Thursday Conversations on the Web:

Preparing an organization to embrace social media can be tricky. Guidelines are good. Join Lauren in a webinar Thursday January 21st at 2 p.m. EST to get the full picture. She’ll dissect the Anatomy of Engagement so you’ll be prepared to engage and empower your whole organization.

Do you wonder where you’ll find the time to participate daily in social media, how you can avoid information over-load and be successful managing your social presence with limited time? Be sure you tune into Amber’s webinar Thursday January 14th at 2 EST. You’ll walk away renewed with tips to help you reclaim a precious resource – Time – how to make it work for you, not against you.

This Thursday, January 7th at 2 pm EST, join Amber with Marketing and Community VP David Alston for a Twebinar. Discover what Microsoft is doing to engage in social media through a new model that harnesses the power of a community on Twitter to educate and enable Xbox users to help each other. It’s a pilot project that worked so well, it became real.

On the Blog:

This is the year social media becomes real even for the largest companies. Friday is the day we get to enjoy the opinions of Guest Bloggers and this week, the astute social media thinker Edward Boches reveals timely evidence that social media is not on the fringes, it’s now impacting mainstream media big time!

Speaking of media, this is awards season on TV leading up to the Oscars and our big time Media guy, Rob Begg (Director of Business Development for Media) will keep us up to date on the celebrity buzz on the social web, showcasing our cool Radian6 Listening platform, to reveal which celebrities are attracting the greatest attention.

And stay tuned for Lauren’s Social Media Change Management series that continues next Monday; one tip per week to ensure ‘change’ becomes an experience that’s effective and positive.

So it’s quite a month, here at Radian6. We’ve arranged a tasty buffet of snacks, meaty mains and sweets to prepare you for the journey ahead – to make 2010 your best year yet for social media learning and engagement. Hop on. It will be quite a ride!