Today is World AIDS Day and (RED) would love you to help turn the web (RED). Imagine a world united – in red; united in purpose – to eliminate AIDS in Africa.

RED header

What is (RED)?

Remember the big splash Bono made in 2006 (with Oprah) for the launch of (RED), the brand he founded with Bobby Shriver to help eliminate AIDS in Africa? It’s a brand that brought iconic brands together to create (PRODUCT) RED™ items that generate contributions on each sale. (RED) has ten (PRODUCT)RED partners that contribute as much as 50% of the profits from each (PRODUCT)RED sale to the Global Fund, to help fight AIDS in Africa.

The Role for Social Media:

This year, Social Media has a big role to play during World AIDS Day through a new campaign. Chrysi Philalithes is (RED)’s Director of Digital Strategy & Marketing and she says there are lots of ways to participate: “For Facebook, we are asking people to share the Lazarus Effect video and change their profile picture to a (RED) one.  For Twitter we are asking people to use the hashtag #red”. She says this single day of turning Facebook and Twitter (RED) can “show the power of social media” to unite people around the globe to support people living with HIV and AIDS in Africa.

The reason to support (RED) this World AIDS Day:

3,800 men, women and children in sub-Saharan Africa die from AIDS every day. But AIDS doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Two pills/day costing about 40 cents can make the difference – enabling a person with HIV to live a healthy, full life with their families. This transformation is called “The Lazarus Effect.”

Chrysi says (RED)’s theme this year is “ONE COLOR UNITES US” and “cities, brands, organizations and people are all coming together to show their support” by turning the themselves (RED) on World AIDS Day.

What is Radian6 doing today?

Already blogs and other social media are spilling over with information about events for World AIDS Day. Radian6 is pleased to support (RED) today, along with one of its customers, DELL, which is a (RED) partner. Radian6 is conducting social media monitoring and analysis of conversations connecting communities around the globe who are doing their part to turn the world – and the web – (RED) today.